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benfir123 41 days ago | hide | past | favorite

Are the testimonials real? I searched for the people's names and companies and the only meaningful result is this same sales page.

Reverse image search of their profile pics also didn't find them anywhere else.

I'm also personally surprised at how this is on the front page of HN, given the amount of immediate skepticism it generated in the comments.

This looks good. The value prop and copy are on point and I immediately know what you’re doing.

I haven’t yet checked out the app but I think if you’re able to deliver a smooth experience from landing page, through extension install, to first demo creation, you’ll be doing awesome.

What was your process for coming to this idea and this version of its implementation?

Hi - ( some questions as i’m curious about your entrepreneurship journey )

Does anyone pay for this ? how does this compare to other products ? what made you build this ?

Can I see a preview without logging in?

I’m also confused. Are the static images on this landing page generated by demopond?

Or is the product not used for its own landing page?


That's about things that are only a signup page with nothing to try. If it's tryable, it's not a signup page.

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