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You said you participated in that years ago. In my recent past I accumulated hundreds of hours of meditation.

Do you see any lasting benefits from your experiences? I personally still struggle with focus and attentiveness, especially when the demand is external. I haven't concluded whether I wasted my time, or if I need to get back to meditating. It's time-consuming!

Hum... You won't model scalability and concurrency using Turing machines. The Turing model is all about theoretical computation and those two parameters are all about real limits.

What you have on your table isn't equivalent to a Turing machine.

I had to check I hadn't accidentally pasted in a link to Alain de Benoist or someone like that. No, Kopnina's centring of the individual, whether human or non-human, places her firmly in the liberal tradition, broadly considered.

I can do no better than to ask anyone who makes it this far down the thread to read a few lines from her article and consider what counts for an ecofascist vibe in some circles. Or here is more Kopnina, this time a blog: https://blog.ecologicalcitizen.net/2020/11/09/reversing-ecof...

> I think the best definition of engineering is that it's a process of optimization within a solution space bounded by constraints.

This is a fantastic definition.

I believe, in the nomenclature of the subject field, this falls under "are men okay?" rather than "this is not okay".

Example of better language modularization? Who is working on this?

> So what solution do you offer? It's just reactionary to oppose a solution.

This argument is only sound if you assume things can't be made worse than the status quo. They obviously can.

> Pitch correction (in the non-Auto-Tune and non-vocoder sense) is used in literally all commercial vocal recordings.

It's extremely widespread, even in classical music, but "literally all" is simply not true.

Well you were still concentrating on one task only: setting up computers. :)

Author himself points out just how much has changed, in the two decades, in the preface to the latest edition.

Long-term 1Password customer here as well. I understand you are willing to sacrifice security for convenience. I wouldn't mind the recurrent payment, I just cannot imagine to put both the app and the data in the same company hands. I couldn't live like that.

OSGi was supposed to solve this problem. You could start by running all bundles together in the same JVM, then split them across a cluster later if required. But it never quite took off beyond an implementation detail of various application servers.

And after the program was stabilised and automated, I was fired.

Monthly recurring revenue.

Hey everybody--

I'm sharing Q4OS because it is easily the best desktop experience so far on my old MSI Wind Netbook from many years ago. It's like a modern, up-to-date experience with the responsiveness of the original out-of-the-box system.

I was surprised to find that there's a customized KDE-fork distribution (Trinity DE) that's this responsive on devices lacking so many system resources.

This is excellent, it’s great you had this experience. Mine was the opposite: we hired a replacement for my former boss, and at our first 1:1, I told her I was desperately burned out and unable to really accomplish much. She said, you can take vacation after we accomplish some big team goals.

iCloud+ purelymail mxroute Migadu Mailbox.org

See a psychologist and/or psychiatrist, seriously.

You're dealing with your mental health here, don't rely on posts on the internet to handle a serious health problem. Burn out can easily spiral into something like clinical depression or anxiety disorders, and then you'll be dealing with the burden of burn out and additional health problems.

- Hyperlinking between documents and sections of documents(without needing to use a full relative/absolute path)

- Visualisation of the relationships between documens

- A metadata schema for documents(title, summary, tags, etc.)

- A search engine which indexes the content and metadata

- Embedding of various content types(other notes, diagrams, images)

- Conversion into other document formats

I notice I'm confused.

I don't think that I've ever decided what people do for work. I unsure if that that is a thing. As far as I (can/do) know, they decide internally and then hire me to help.

I'm not sure how to proceed. Could you unpack your assumptions for me?

How utopian.

I manage a team with hundreds of engineers on it. If I have someone who is taking a year off (with pay I presume), I have to give their work to people. Once enough people do that, I have exhausted the capacity of the team and will surely see the team enter a spiral of burnout that I can only solve by adding dramatically more people or radically reducing our commitments. This will negatively affect our business, potentially putting the entire team's jobs at risk.

The headline comes off as pretty strong and generalizing, while the actual article only states

"But it’s worth noting that chatbot abuse often has a gendered component. Although not exclusively, it seems that it’s often men creating a digital girlfriend, only to then punish her with words and simulated aggression."

But isn't our culture filled with much worse fantasy violence? What about the millions of digital Assassin's Creed NPCs brutally murdered by players?

I heard Assassin's Creed is quite popular with female gamers and has a female playable hero character. Should that be titled "Women spend hours murdering unarmed men in virtual reality"?

I feel like this article has willingly sacrificed a big part of its discussion potential just through its headline. Or maybe, this was never intended to be actually discussed.

If you are okay with gpl software/backend, you could reuse some code of one of my side project: https://apps.kde.org/kalendar/ (support google api, caldav, etesync and Outlook calendars)

So very sorry to hear about your loss.

I choose to believe that your wife wanted to tell you how much she loved you and what a wonderful life she had with you.

Hugs from me and the dogs

Sounds to me like you ran into a strong counterexample that suggests it’s a terrible heuristic.

How does it happen that in such discussions there is always at least one person who ends up equating everything they don't like to socialism? Are "socialism" and "communism" the only words they know? Clearly, they don't know very well the meaning of these words.

And regarding the "EU won't survive past 20XY". I've heard this argument almost non-stop from anti-EU politicians since 2007. Financial crisis, Greek debt crisis, Brexit, now coronavirus - every bad event is a good one to predict the collapse of the EU.

It should yes. Although there should be an error message. Let me investigate.

I agree, which is why I wrote "if used correctly".

This can mean self-medicating if you know what you're doing, but otherwise these days there are professionals qualified to help.

I doubt psychedelics will be used to escape from your issues, but yes - they can make them worse if you're not careful.

Huh, so being in the zone while programming is the definition of Zen.

This particular claim is just ludicrous, though. The idea that marriage is primarily about love and emotional companionship is an extremely modern idea. See Stephanie Coontz, Marriage, A History: How Love Conquered Marriage.

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