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Plz don’t be lame

The same thing happened to me. I used DigitalOcean's Docker image and it had some message about UFW in motd, so I assumed it works with Docker. So I created a container with passwordless mongodb and it got wiped in a few hours.

And DO still have this in motd for newly created droplets:

> Welcome to DigitalOcean's 1-Click Docker Droplet. > To keep this Droplet secure, the UFW firewall is enabled. > All ports are BLOCKED except 22 (SSH), 2375 (Docker) and 2376 (Docker).

Full motd: https://pastebin.com/cdaecHU8

Though it links to https://do.co/3j6j3po and it mentions ufw problem:

> Note: The default firewall for the Docker One-Click is UFW, which is a front end to iptables. However, Docker modifies iptables directly to set up communication to and from containers. This means that UFW won’t give you a full picture of the firewall settings. You can override this behavior in Docker by adding --iptables=false to the Docker daemon.

I know the CICD code I wrote and manage at work launches approximately a million docker containers a day, so I suspect the total number of docker containers used per day is well into the billions.

I've never interviewed at Google personally, but I've heard lots of people complain about the needless difficulty of the questions so I assume they're something harder than just turning a sorted array into a binary tree.

It's not necessarily cultural, for some people dogs/pets are a substitute for human company and are held in higher esteem, since they don't have some of the negative behaviors humans do (such as dishonesty, etc)

Defense in depth... VNets, TLS certs, RBAC etc.

> Heavy fine yes but not arrest AFAIK.

Newsblur is an American org. GDPR is a foreign law that has no relevance to American firms lol.

<insert Saruman "you have no power here" meme>

That's neat! For those curious, the API seems to be:


My gut feeling is that even if you did remove distortions, the problem would persist. If the price for a commodity ultimately stabilizes at material cost + labour, I think rent ultimately stabilizes at 'everything you can afford to pay and some'.

Ultimately, commodity price is driven down by the fact there's always some industrialist who can flood the market with cheaper crap, until there's basically no profit in it. You can't flood the market with 'living in walking distance from work', and a large part of the cost of any building project is simply buying the plot to build on, because each landowner has no direct competition.

There is absolutely no evidence that bullet voting has been a problem with approval voting.


Fines in Germany usually follow the "Tagessatz", which is the income of a day, as calculated based on your tax records (and other information). So you might be sentenced to pay 90 'daily incomes', which hits a poor person as badly as it does hit a rich person.

Also note that there is a minimum amount of income that you always will be granted access to ('Pfändungsfreigrenze'), so a fine will not make you die from hunger nor make you homeless.

Is there any reason to believe that the famous welfare state, and thus broad workers rights, is not a large contributor to the fact that the same set of countries seem to be the happiest?

I live near that area and had heard and seen a drone above my house in the very early morning before dawn a month ago.

I first heard a sound like a swarm of bees overhead but looked up to see the drone.

It took off southbound at a high rate of speed in the same flight path that the police helicopters use.

I have no idea if this is related but I thought it was very odd for a drone to be flying at that time over a heavily populated area near the University of Arizona.

1. Extensive game theoretical analysis, and even computer modeling, has shown that approval voting resists tactical behavior better than virtually any other voting method.


There's even an entire book focused on the game theory and tactics of voting methods, which advocates score voting, approval voting being score voting on a 0 to 1 binary scale.


Approval voting elections have been successfully held in 2020 and 2021 in Fargo in St Louis respectively, and there were no indications of voter confusion or anything like that.


Can't see the article...but I think you can still have random conversations and spontaneous ideas it just requires adjustment. Slack and Google meets make it easy to hop onto a call. I tell people sometimes I'm tired of typing let's just do a quick call. Or try to work out in the open, dump things in our teams chat or bigger org chat rooms. I think once we start to have more people who grew up on the internet posting in forums and wasting time in chat rooms in leadership positions we'll see less of an emphasis on watercolor chats or what ever. I think it's even easier to be outgoing on a text based environment. I don't want to talk in front of 30people or even really just small talk in passing with aquantiences, I don't mind putting a message in a chat room with 300 people. I guess others feel simmiliar?

...and to your question, I think you're missing the point of CRT. The point is to look at the systemic effects that may otherwise go unobserved because they aren't experienced by the majority. Swapping it around so that it is the experience of the majority takes it out of that context and makes it pretty much laughable.

Regarding 1, it is also worth noting that we may not ever achieve truth here, at least not in our lifetimes. "What should I eat so I have less risk of vascular disease and cancer, delay decrepitude as long as possible, and have good to excellent ongoing physical and mental function?" This question is almost impossible to answer. The basic problem is to experiment on oneself, you need to use surrogate markers of ill health, and you never know if you are on the right track for what matters. A recent example are drugs which improve the measured HDL value (good cholesterol), but fail to reduce cardiovascular events. Randomised trials on the other hand give us average effects in certain populations, but how this relates to the individual is always unclear. This is why people are still arguing what some randomised trials mean 20 years later (like the Lyon diet study, which is uninterpretable anyway due to woeful dropout). RCTs with diet are terribly difficult, prolonged and expensive to conduct.

Considering all this, my approach is to just try and eat less, hence mitigating the downside of dietary induced problems. A good way to eat less is to eat more non-starchy vegetables, which are mostly micronutrients embedded in paper.

There are also a few surrogate markers with strong evidence it is worth measuring in a serial fashion and trying to improve eg LDL, glucose tolerance, CRP. Coronary calcium scoring with CT is also worth doing if you are 40+ and have been eating like shit most of your life or have bad genetics for heart disease.

Hmm, it works on firefox desktop on my end. Maybe they just doesn't support safari?

Here is an overview of what Shodan is:


The scanning algorithm is mostly just this:

1. Generate a random IPv4 address

2. Select a random port from a list of ~2k ports

3. Check the random IP on the random port

4. Store the result of the check

5. GOTO 1

The above loop runs endlessly and because IPv4 is fairly small it doesn't take long to check everything.

Google’s Play Store is a ‘freedom store’ because Google doesn’t give a crap about privacy controls and runs it as a Wild West free for all. It’s precisely because Google does not curate in the way that Apple does, in fact nobody else does this anywhere near to the same extent, that the App Store is so valuable to me.

It was transporting marijuana?

What are the added features? I couldn't find any document comparing MapLibre to MapBox GL.

We are using MapTiler along with MapBox GL JS.

Well, your second point is his first point.

And his second point is table-stakes as far as I'm concerned. As others have said, do all of them. They are not hard to do.

Interesting, that introduces some very skewed incentives: from a game theory perspective it would always be better to lie about your race in HR surveys. Then according to the data, your actual race would be underrepresented and the industry would try to hire more people who look like you, making your next job search easier.

> It is almost always the latter.

That tells me nothing will change your mind as it indicates that you still think social media censorship is anywhere remotely fair.

Hey Luke, another great one from you :-)

Probably ayylmaos.

Hard to be sure either way, but most of the sources I could find indicate this isn't true.

E.g. https://www.slintel.com/tech/source-code-management/github-v...

> but the bottom line is that children are not mentally and emotionally mature enough to deal with subjects like that

Which is why you can't possibly introduce it in to grade school curriculum. The very idea is laughable.

Yeah, it seems like there's a weird inbetween phase when projects go from "awesome tool used and loved by some core people" to "this is the new normal, it's everywhere" where these issues get lost. I could see back in 2014 moby not really feeling like the quirks of ufw & iptables were its problem. But now in 2021 with how many millions of times docker run is used per day on machines all across the internet... it's just irresponsible security. It sucks, it isn't really docker's problem in the first place... but it's reality and someone needs to grab the hot potato and keep it from burning people for the good of us all.

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