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Are you a woman?

Its and apples and oranges comparison of combustion chambers. For purposes of combustion, the relavant pressure is the exaust of the rocket engine. The burning gas within an ic engine is, at the point of combusion, at a very higher pressure. The ic equivalend of a rocket combusion chamber would be the blast wave starting at the spark, which then moves through the fuel.

Only the tech industry thinks of itself that way.

Outside the tech industry, everyone thinks of us as investment bankers - overly paid, out of touch clowns surviving largely on cheap money.

You should see the sheer glee online after every round of layoffs.

No, it isn’t a problem if the a CEO of Twitter doesn’t care about their tweets. The proper task of any CEO is maintaining the company as an immortal entity.

If the general public cares about the CEO’s tweets, then necessarily there will be a danger that the death of the CEO will ignite a crisis in the general public; e.g. Steve Jobs at Apple.

The producer is not the star.

What, France? The poster child for the nuclear fans had to re-open coal plants?

Well, I hadn't heard that. That's interesting.

It makes sense to me because they well all clearly dependent on Russian gas, which is what caused the price spike in electricity across Europe. It still doesn't make sense to me that you think it's something to do with renewables.

Algorithmic optimization is more than just about asymptotic complexity; reducing that leading coefficient is equally important. Constant time is meaningless if the constant is measured in seconds.

Clearly. The cores also have a bus connecting one another, but the differences in IO the article mentions don't apply there.

There was also Miro which was a pretty neat media player with RSS Torrent support

- http://www.getmiro.com/

There is the glimmer of a movement here - the Yelland led move to 15% minimum corporation tax is part of the move to solve this very problem. The EU is trying to solve this. But it's reaching the point of dealing with cross border fiscal policy and that's really hard without become a real federation.

And Inthink that is the ultimate global goal here. Which is ... science fiction

Imagine how immigration would look different if South Africa had a lien on ex-citizens taxation - if a slice of every sales tax paid in Nevada by a Mexican citizen went back to Mexico City.

I am not sure how it plays out - but it's possible that countries that benefit from immigration have to pay for it.

I bought a Brother monochrome laser printer (with built in scanner) for £250 and it was bundled with 6 spare toner cartridges. That was two years ago, we’re still on the first cartridge. The printer before that was also a monochrome laser printer and that lasted nearly a decade (only got rid of it because it didn’t support wireless and I couldn’t be bothered running cables anymore). Basically, I think monochrome lasers can last forever, they always work (even if I haven’t printed for 6 months). Most people seem to buy printers with way too many features and they need 7 ink cartridges etc. I rarely print anything, but when I do I want it to just work.

re: "undocumented". I bought whatever big oreilly book there was on it - "building XUL apps" or similar (https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/creating-applications-w...) it was impossible to follow. Granted, some new-to-me concepts and such in there, but after having respected colleagues try to work through the book with me, and they also gave up, I had to conclude this was not something worth pursuing. I mean no explicit disrespect to the authors; any book is a big effort, and the publisher sometimes overrides decisions or releases something too early. In any event, I vacillate between 'what a big missed opportunity' and 'we all dodged a massive bullet there' - I still can't decide which.

A quick google search says the Air Force's max enlistment age is 39, so I don't know how distant in the future you mean, but it's probably something to be aware of.

I'd be curious about some documentation too, but I suspect it's one of those things where a person who enjoys the odd psychedelic now and again is a poor cultural fit for the military, though the Air Force is by all accounts the least militant branch of the military from what I can tell. Certainly my grandfather had a good career there and he was about the least disciplinarian or serious person (personality speaking I mean; he did a good job as an officer and electrical engineer by any account) you'd ever meet. He certainly spoke highly of the Air Force and said on a few occasions that it helped him to meet one of his major life goals; to make more money retired than working.

GUYS this stupid fuck stole code from someone else. Took nearly the whole thing from Slaren and made it shittier. PLEASE stop praising this stupid shitheel. They are a damn thief and an arrogant ass that has undeserved praise. Read this and spread the word https://rentry.org/Jarted

They have only ever managed to grow lettuce with vertical farming. Produce out of farm gate is at the bottom of the supply chain. It will never be profitable unless people are willing to be 4-5x what they pay for lettuce now.

CA field grown lettuce gets the farmer less than half a dollar per head. Meanwhile: https://www.montereyherald.com/2022/12/16/11-for-a-head-of-l...

Expect price increases and food shortages this year because of rains in CA. We are not allowed to plant for 45-60 days after last rains so field can dry out.

The truth is that we do have a real food shortage situation now. The vertical farms won’t make a dent in making up the gap. Not even close.

Some people still order by calling a regular phone number, and I don‘t think forcing more centralization in the industry is a good solution.

The industry stakeholders and FCC should get together and fix caller ID authentication; the rest will follow from there.

Was a little confused and expecting an article on medjel… from consider phlebas

They did murder an American journalist for criticising their rules in his writing

The EU makes a lot of noise and has a reputation for pro-consumer regulation, but that reputation is mostly historical. When it comes to new (last decade) pro-consumer regulations, they are flawed and/or not enforced enough to make a difference. Case in point, the GDPR. Lots of noise and fear-mongering, yet the (very little!) enforcement we've seen still isn't enough to actually be a deterrent. I suspect the upcoming DMA will play out in the same way.

I’ve tried many terminal emulators, probably all available on Linux, and kitty is the best in my experience. Performance is excellent: keyboard latency, catting files. It’s sometimes convenient to use some of its tricks, such as viewing an image right in the terminal through ssh.

> a developer is getting suspicious towards the boss of it all (who is really a hired actor with no understanding of the business)

The Consultant is similar, though one of these obsessively weird for the sake of if productions.

It’s compulsory renting, not selling/purchase. Either way it’s yet another ridiculous move from the left ( in this case ) that doesn’t solve anything and it’s feasible only in the minds who never had a real job outside politics.

So instead of naming some higher order consequences, you just assume they will happen by invoking some random analogy?

HTTP/3 is already widely deployed and most clients use TCP fallback which allows people with an incompatible network to fallback to using an older HTTP version.

>since HTTP/3 is the newer and less common version, it's the version most likely to not work.

Which means those clients will end up using HTTP/2.

>I'm also uncertain about how much HTTP/3 usage there is among the big players like Google, Cloudflare, and so on

Google and Cloudflare have had it for years. Other big players have adopted it too.

Another article written by someone who thinks the difficult part of programming is the typing.

If he thinks LLMs are a threat to programmer employment, he doesn't realize the only thing programmers can't get enough of is trying to automate away their own jobs. Push out everyone who's outcompeted by a Markov chain and watch everyone who's left celebrate the reduced bug count.

I've certainly felt that the public version of ChatGPT isn't great at helping to write fiction.

Does anyone know if version 4 is any better in this regard?

You may have an opinion, but can you justify why you don't believe chatGPT will achieve AGI?

Existing scaling laws show that perplexity (i.e., ability to predict next tokens in text) can be lowered by increasing model size and adding more data.

Why would a model that is better than us at predicting what words would occur next in arbitrary text not be an AGI?

The person you’re responding to is talking about other organisms (ie not the tree), which seems compatible with your observation here.

Trees might be screaming/bubble-popping into the abyss for simple physical reasons, but if cavitation is very important to some creature, there’s a decent chance that creature has evolved to sense these vibrations.

I actually have worked for HP (well one of their spinoffs) for 25 years and ditched them in favour of Brother laser printers. I and 2 of my children have the B&W MFC-L2750DW and I bought the L3750CDW color one for my Mother-in-law. They have all been great and work fine with 3rd party cartridges.

Setting the topic of weed aside, are there pharmaceutical crops that would make sense economically to grow in a controlled environment ?

> Twitter's rules and enforcement actions behaved as if the leftist view of transgender people is the only valid and permissible view.

Twitter has changed in that regard since Musk took over. You can pretty much say what you like on trans issues now, as long as it doesn't break other rules. Loads of gender critical feminists have had their accounts restored in the past few months - usually having been suspended for 'misgendering' or some such nonsense.

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