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You wonder if he was just "done" or if he was sufffering:

> At the end of the tour—in a second-story sitting room full of personal artifacts—we were presented, matter-of-factly, with a copy of Eastman’s suicide letter, dated March 14, 1932: “My work is done. Why wait?” Eastman shot himself in the heart with a Luger pistol at the age of 77.

In word "shift f1" then check "reveal formatting marks"

A completely different feature. In word this should be called "reveal spaces and line breaks".

In WordPerfect this is activating a TeX mode in addition to your WYSIWYG. You have two buffers, with two coursers, that stay in sync. Maybe the closes analogy is a jupyter notepad for tex? But fast.

I have never seen anything like this, althou LyX offers one mode that is kind of a mix of both of them.

Thank you, I forgot Word had that feature. If I remember correctly, it's not nearly as powerful as Reveal Codes -- it's like setting :li in vim to see whitespace marks. Reveal Codes shows you _all_ the codes (imagine HTML or SGML but with square brackets).

You remember rightly.

I thought it was an interesting story to review in the modern times of pandemics, quarantines, and panics.

I've been a consultant for years, and I'd be unable to work as an employee for any company, especially a larger one. Seeing all the bullshit employees have to put up with at companies would make me scream.

I'm not talking about the work, it's everything else. The culture.

What do you do? Contact Fortran code?

Ha! Erlang, GPGPU, and FPGA

Powershell runs on MacOS and Linux, too

MacOS: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/scripting/instal...

Linux: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/scripting/instal...

I'm not sure what you mean by "not possible without a Windows machine."

Some modules are only compatible with the Windows version of PowerShell.

But the EXO module is not one of those Windows-only modules.

Of course. It's amazing the FUD the anti-Windows people will spread!

You can also get a Powershell web shell through the Azure Portal.

> This kind of snotty reply is always interesting

It’s a typical HN Apple Zealot tactic. They simply lie to boost their cult.

Apple documentation has been awful for decades. There’s so much history and insider knowledge you need to write good desktop MacOS applications.

And Microsoft documentation has been excellent for decades. Even pre-Internet with MSJ and Microsoft press.

On nearly every thread on Hacker News there are a few posts from people who have JavaScript turned off who will say “this site is blank”

Despite all of them knowing exactly why it's blank and what they'd need to do to use the site ;)

But it's a choice, like not having a smartphone, the rest of us still want and can have nice things. In the cases where it's not a choice it's something else, some may need to make sure it still works. I'm not going to do it, I have no reason to.

On many sites javascript is about ad-tracking, not "nice things".

For example, cnn.com shows no content with javascript disabled. By itself html is perfectly capable of displaying text and graphics, that's what it is designed for. Taking a quick look it appears that about half of the scripts loaded on their front page are for ad-tracking. A gizmodo page I'm looking at now wants to load 37 scripts for some reason. ublock is showing me 14 ad-tracking items.

I'd rather avoid such sites. So I go somewhere else if they don't work with javascript disabled. I can make per-site exceptions, but I'd rather not.

(In the above examples, I use lite.cnn.com to consume news articles news MUCH more quickly, and gizmodo with javascript disabled still showed me the text of the article I was interested in, so I'm happy.)

The most popular OS and the most popular GPU? I can run this easily.

There are many custom keyboard companies who will put anything you want on a keyboard. It shouldn't be a problem to get APL

I've had keyboards made by "WASD" with Yiddish keycaps (which are slightly different from Hebrew -- there's a double-vov, double-yud, kometz aleph -- here's an online version if you're curious https://keymanweb.com/#ydd-hebr,Keyboard_yiddish_pasekh ) Just upload your graphics and they'll make it.

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