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created:March 27, 2008
karma: 5260
about: Gregory Magarshak Internet innovator :)

1. Social operating system for the Web, to liberate people from Big Tech and let them choose where to host their own community:


2. Economic system for the Web, to monetize open source, journalism and other digital content without ads:


3. Economic and governance system for the real world, leveraging blockchains to enable local community currencies, universal basic income and democratic governance decision making on-chain:


I have been working since 2011 on liberating people from Big Tech, and move digital society from Feudalism to a Free Market. A lot of the above is working, documented, and in some cases has attracted millions of people in 95+ countries, and translated into 15 languages. Feel free to reach out and join.

http://qbix.com/about to contact me