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> Shimabukuro also said the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) - another safety monitoring system - showed an increased incidence of heart inflammation in 16 to 39 year olds after their second shot when compared to the rate observed after the first dose.


> The Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) is a collaborative project between CDC’s Immunization Safety Office and nine health care organizations. The VSD started in 1990 and continues today in order to monitor safety of vaccines and conduct studies about rare and serious adverse events following immunization.

The nine HMOs are:

  Kaiser Permanente Washington, Seattle, WA
  Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, Boston, MA
  HealthPartners Institute, Minneapolis, MN
  Kaiser Permanente Northwest, Portland, OR
  Kaiser Permanente Northern CA
  Kaiser Permanente CO
  Denver Health, CO
  Marshfield Clinic Research Institute, WI
  Kaiser Permanente Southern CA

On the way, some former M1 team founders are at Qualcomm (via Nuvia acquisition) building a new Arm SoC for PC OEMs.

If Apple squanders their 2021 window for usable-walled-garden-with-sandboxes, they will lose (again) to less-usable-but-more-open EBBR platforms with dynamic boot, security and performance policy.

Do we have to wait for Windows/Linux VMs on Nuvia-Qualcomm Surface Pro (2023?), before we get VMs on iPad Pro Mx?

Now that macOS 12 beta on M1 can virtualize both Linux and macOS 12 guests, why not enable virtualization on iPad Pro M1 hardware with 16GB RAM? Are VMware & Parallels not interested in the iPad Pro market? They can charge premium app prices, desperate developers will pay. Even a non-GUI shell for running local services in a VM would be a huge step forward.

VMs help developers build iPad apps, they pose no threat to the iPad native app store.

VMs enable experiments, the best of which can be incorporated by Apple into iPad OS.


Virus and therapeutics researchers, for future history books:

  Ron Fouchier, Netherlands
  Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Japan
  Alexander Kagansky, Russia (died 2020)
  Bing Liu, USA (died 2020)
  Frank Plummer, Canada (died 2019)
  Gita Ramjee, South Africa (died 2020)

Is this a conspiracy theory dogwhistle, or supposition of uncoordinated acts of stochastic assassination?

1965 short story, Slow Tuesday Night, https://www.fcusd.org/cms/lib03/CA01001934/Centricity/Domain...

2021 review, "Who Is R. A. Lafferty? And Is He the Best Sci-Fi Writer Ever?", https://www.wired.com/story/who-is-r-a-lafferty-best-sci-fi-...

> A select few actually have read Lafferty, a secret society of loonies whose names you probably do recognize. Neil Gaiman. Ursula Le Guin. Samuel Delany. Other sci-fi writers, in other words. R. A. Lafferty has always been, then, a sci-fi writer’s sci-fi writer—a blurry, far-out position to find oneself in. When comedians hang out, they famously have to commit acts of borderline criminality, usually involving nudity and great heights, to get each other to bust up. So just think what absurdities a sci-fi writer has to conjure forth to gobsmack his fellow sci-fi writers—sci-fi writers who actually are, by much wider consensus, some of the best in the world. The descriptor they tend to resort to, as if by no other choice, is sui generis, dusty old Latin for “one of a kind.” It’s probably the most common phrase associated with Lafferty ..

Homeowners also have rights to financial reports, and to display the American flag, https://www.hoamanagement.com/homeowners-rights-against-hoa/

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