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Hey Thankyou. Thats the point I want to say to everyone. This is just to give a simple idea on how current saas companies are at numbers :)

Thats same with pretty much any major platform but still IH does a ton of things to maintain quality.

Same here

Aah, sorry forgot to mention that for the context. Yes.

But for starters, it still gives some idea about how the current products are performing. Personally it gives me some confidence to enter into those markets. But agreed, a wrong move could land you into a "crowded market" but everyone has to start somewhere.

> gives some idea about how the current products are performing.

It really doesn't. It gives one measurement, presumably from one point in time. We have no idea if they are growing or shrinking, at what rate, whether they are profitable or just burning money to buy revenue, or anything else that actually tells us about the health of their product.

Everyone has to start somewhere. This page may help a few people to get inspired and on top of that it quickly lists the kind of business the startup is into so people can at least get a quick idea if they are interested.

Not sure if that is an issue because these are openly displayed by the founders on their sites and for places where its payment gateway approved - they must have given approval to display these publicly.

I have the data sources of course. Probably will link to those. Most of it is verified via Payment gateway (by the actual source) while some are openly reported by the founders.

Point noted on the numbers to make better.

It is taken from various sources but some are user verified via Twitter. I did my best to validate.

It is a part of 'Build In Public' strategy and also gives social proof.

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