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Axe accessibility report on that website:

TOTAL ISSUES 220 AUTOMATIC ISSUES 220 NEEDS REVIEW 160 GUIDED ISSUES 0 Critical 1 Serious 55 Moderate 2 Minor 2

If you read the page called WTF, I talk a lot about accessibility. I totally appreciate the importance of it.

But, the fact that I don't a perfect solution right off the bat is not a reason to stop exploring!


It’s certainly a reason not to use it in production though.

When I did (pre-GCSE) art at school I remember the teacher saying that shadows look like the opposite (yes, I can't remember on what axis!) colour to the light casting them.

I heard the bird was DWORD.

> Non-human natural persons absolutely have responsibilities. The plants are responsible for photosynthesizing, the fungi for decomposition, etc. They do their holy work and we all get to stay alive, if we hold up our end of things as well.

No, those are not about responsibility. Is a river responsible for someone drowning in it?

A story arc is just an extremely traditional storyline, isn't it?

> We’re building Winamp for the next-generation.

The incorrect hyphen is just irritating as well.

They were answering this statement:

> Relational database seem to be a crazily overengineered solution in search of a problem

Why would an answer to that need to mention Kafka consumers?

* When all you need is an unbounded stream of data that you need to traverse in order to do all these things.*

This is the part I was responding to.

You're talking about "putting a snapshot of the data somewhere" - the person you're replying to is replying to someone who says this sort of snapshot is pointless.

> it strikes me as a form of gatekeeping

I consider this a form of gatekeeping of advice on using Kafka.

Some small points:

> The ORM was a natural culprit: it’s easy to see that many ORMs will make use of object introspection to build SQL statements, hydrate results, or both. Gorm’s memory footprint is extreme although sadly not uncommon. Bridge started with Python on the backend and we used Django’s ORM to interact with the database which had similar problems.

I believe these are both active record ORMs, which are not as good for various reasons (including default memory usage) as good data mappers such as SQLAlchemy and Hibernate.

As for where enums etc are "mastered" - this is still a decision to make with or without ORMs.

I think the main tricky bit of ORMs is that objects are trees and relations are graphs; this causes problems. Not so much anything about encapsulation etc.

I genuinely thought it was going to be an introduction to Franz Kafka.

Me too, and I came here because I thought it was almost impossible to explain Kafka with Factorio (can one explain Kafka at all?)

But yeah, parallel programming is easy to explain with Factorio.

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