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Defense industry is looking for new customers. Heard they have warlord week.

What is wrong with Blender lately? Everyone in a workaholic phase?

Much appreciated of course!

They are now funded by all major tech companies. So much for not being "industry standard" (by so many Maya or 3ds Max artists I talked to).

Receiving a lot of funding from tech companies is not synonymous with being widely used within the M&E industry (can't speak for other industry verticals). That's on the studios and artists, not funders. Being an industry standard requires a certain level of entrenchment/integration/mindshare that Blender does not have yet.

Blender has been showing up in more and more professional studios, particularly in the gaming and media segments - I think it's still pretty rare in the ArchViz space.

Blender isn't THE industry standard by any means, but I don't think it would be a stretch to call it an industry standard. EA uses it for a lot of their concept work, Ubisoft uses it for their animation studio, it's the modelling tool at Infinity Ward, etc.

From what I have read and people I've spoken with, the games industry definitely uses Blender the most out of Games, VFX/Anim, and ArchViz. But the latter two, not so much out of isolated pockets, and usually nothing past the modeling phase. I'm coming from the studio VFX/Anim side, so I'm biased in that regards to my viewpoint in adoption.

> Being an industry standard requires a certain level of entrenchment/integration/mindshare that Blender does not have yet.

In concrete terms, it means convincing universities to train students on your tools. Autodesk has the dollars to spend on efforts like that.

it also mean having high end plugins and integrating well with other industry-standard tools. That doesn't matter for home/amateurs users because you can't afford these tools anyway, but it does for studios.

Being funded by tech companies doesn't make it industry standard. For one...the tech companies aren't the industry to begin with.

It definitely is a strong show of support for Blender, but there aren't a lot of studios in the industry using Blender, so it's quite far from being anything like a standard yet.

What are your sources? From what I hear, few friends in CG, Blender is gaining ground. Don’t know if there is an official statistic anywhere.

My sources are that I am very involved in the 3D industry groups.

Blender is gaining ground, yes, but most studios are very much Maya based still with Blender used sparingly.

The one major Blender studio (Tangent) has also shuttered and were mid moving away from Blender at the time. I think the next biggest users of Blender are a division within Ubisoft, but it's not the primary DCC for Ubisoft in it's entirety either.

Where Blender is gaining most traction is freelance artists and people who don't need to work with a pipeline. Blender is slowly getting better for Pipeline integration, but it really doesn't like to play well yet within a studio where you're dealing with many different artists working on a shot, in possibly multiple DCCs.

This release adds import of USD files which should make Blender fit in more nicely in pipelines.

The new asset browser is also another great addition for plugging into pipelines.

I still would rather us 3DS max over blender, it still feels like using GIMP after using Photoshop productively for years.

Then use that software if you prefer the UX.

As an anecdote, I installed GIMP for my son 6 years ago, who is now going to college to be a graphics designer. He did all of his digital artwork in GIMP and Krita, now Blender as well, for the whole length of that time.

He now has to use Photoshop for his classes. There are some tools in it he is impressed with but overall doesn’t care for Photoshop at all.

I want to use blender and I'm sure they would get a lot more acceptance if they fix the one thing people have been complaining about for YEARS! That's great for your son but no credible agency will use GIMP. Krita is awesome and I love it and comes the closest to an open source alternative to PS, it is much better than GIMP in everyway and is actually usable.

Unfortunately the industry doesn't care if he doesn't care about photoshop, it cares about it and if he wants to be a part of it he should start learning to care unless his work is beyond amazing and he will only be freelancing then ignore everything I said.

Photoshop is not impressive but it gets the job done quickly and smoothly with minimal friction and that's why it is number one.

Would you mind elaborating on what complaints you mean? Blender has had multiple major UI overhauls in the past few years, and changed a lot of basic command assignments in the process. They even moved selection from the right mouse button to the left button. That was the #1 complaint I used to hear all the time from everyone, and it was resolved a couple years ago. So I’m very curious what you’re referring to, and whether you’ve used it recently.

I agree with GIMP vs Photoshop ui-wise, but in the case of Blender IMHO it is the total opposite. Even if it were free I find 3DS ui unsufferable.

I guess that’s what happens when personal interest is aligned with organisational objectives. Rare.

All supermarkets in my area replaced plastic bags with ones made of paper. I am pretty sure the the ecological impact is worse.

> Even in a worst- case scenario in which all plastics are incinerated

I don't understand this and I had difficulties convincing people of the opposite because of the toxic gases, but burning all the plastic would be awesome. It would not stay forever in the food chain if it gets burned.

I mean purely from a greenhouse gas perspective this seems sensible, but I think the impact of plastic goes beyond that.

To be fair, the article makes the claim that the burning of plastic litter is inconsequential to emission while it gets produced. But as I said, we should check if paper bags aren't worse for the environment.

Neat. Could play around hours with this.


Given the extensiveness of the English vocabulary and me not being a native speaker, I appreciate visual media only using 3-5 different words. But movies are completely different from dialects that you encounter in the wild. Classical British actors are far easier to understand than other English speaking ones in my opinion.

Was it that movie with the universe in the bookshelf?

> This article is a preprint and has not been peer-reviewed [what does this mean?]. It reports new medical research that has yet to be evaluated and so should not be used to guide clinical practice.

It basically is the same line of thought. Oppressor vs. oppressed. they might seem to hate white people because they are synonymous with oppressors (which already certifies an extremely reductive understanding of sociology and history). But for these proponents minorities that don't mirror these opinions are even worse.

Communism created two conflicting parties. The have and the have-nots and put them into classes. It is a reductive view of the world that lead to much death because people started to blame any form of failure on the respective other group.

Not saying the analysis of Marx aren't correct on a lot of things as are aligned authors. But any implementation has proved that the ideas have problems with dissent. Forced equality will become totalitarian every time.

Not "education" tries the same with white people and the others. Two completely reductive groups. I believe if you are decently intelligent and know the basics about group dynamics, you are just an asshole and certainly nobody that anyone should listen to.

CRT doesn't necessarily mean woke, it is just one expression. The important part of woke is self-proclaimed experts that allegedly know how to discriminate in the correct way and attest themselves to be able to correct bias. A self-image of being enlightened is the best description. Does fit almost everyone in their teens, but in academia you should have grown out of it.

It is no accident they have difficulties with liberties and freedoms, especially regarding free speech. Because in the end they don't believe in their own ideas.

It also underlines that certain standards on performance are necessary for academia. This will sort out some people that don't deserve it, but I have severe doubt about the critical facilities of these students. What differs with the current student generation is that they don't fight for liberties like all their predecessors.

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