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Train like you fight, they say in the military.

Why not come up with a small (personal) project and let reality be your guide? If the work at hand raises a specific question, you can try to answer it immediately by searching online. Everything you'll learn this way is grounded in reality.

What's the point of training in something that you aren't going to apply anytime soon? There's no end to collecting and reading information. It's unconstrained.

We used to say: train hard, fight easy.

Good one. Or what about: Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

> There's never been this many companies going after services that traditionally belonged to the cloud vendors

Interesting article.

The words 'traditional' and 'cloud' in one sentence... I can't stand that. The cloud is just marketing speak for the internet. Make it vague on purpose so you can sell the same sh!t in another package to more people. And grab all the data in the meantime.

HN is smarter than this, right!?

I use my RPi 4 (8GB RAM) as my daily desktop for months now. I have Firefox opened up with at least ten tabs all the time (even two Youtube tabs). It can easily handle more tabs. No problems at all with my programming tasks (only text-based, so not a surprise). I even run GIMP without problems to edit images/photos. My only little complaint is I can't run SuperTuxkart on it.

Now planning on buying a second RPi 4 to combine it with a touch screen from Waveshare and a fat battery pack to ultimately replace my Aidsdroid smartphone.

Ah, I like FreshRSS, based on what I can see from it. It's written in PHP and free.

Haha, I actually liked it. And it was the first time since long that I clicked a popup (or should I say popright).

Yeah, I found it quite sweet. I usually hate Intercom-style 'conversational' popups, but props to the author - he's made it unique and endearing enough that I would definitely have signed up if I were a front-end dev.

Now that you mention it, I do the same unknowingly. I always go for the wood above the plate, just because unconsciously I think it's cleaner than the metal plate.

The metal is easier to clean, but the wood (depending on treatment) might be naturally a bit more antiseptic because it dries up quicker.

Unless, maybe, the plate is copper?

> I expect we’ll see bank transfers as a more prominent part of the payment mix in much of the world.

Interesting read.

I have multiple clients in Europe who use my webshop system with simple bank transfers as the only payment method. It's so easy. No setting up shit like iDeal or Stripe or anything like that, no fees, just paying from one bank to the other. It comes so close to paying with cash. It's not instant so you can't really program against it (as with iDeal here in The Netherlands, your country has probably something similar), so it's not really suitable for big automated webshops. But for small businesses and/or freelancers who want to make money online it's such a game changer.

Let's say you just started a small business selling digital or physical goods, the only thing you need to do is enter your IBAN bank account number and you can get paid within a workday or two. Customers place an order, click a button that says 'I just paid', you as the business owner check your bank account on a daily basis (just from your smartphone) to see if you received their money, if you receive their money you click another button and can fullfill the order.

From experience I know I'll receive money from Germany within one business day, and from the rest of EU within two business days. It depends on the banks I guess, because sometimes even customers from EU with IBAN bank accounts tell me they can't make the payment. Still, it's so easy.

Even for filing your VAT as a business it's stupidly easy in EU, because whatever you sell to Spain or Poland or Ireland, if you stay under a certain threshold (which is pretty high for a one person company) you can just do the taxes in your own country according to the rules you know.

I just really miss the UK, stupid Brexit. I have to quadruple the amount of paperwork if I want to sell to the UK. It's not worth the hassle. Just not worth it.

> It's so easy. No setting up shit like iDeal or Stripe..

While true, the friction with iDeal or Stripe is a lot lower than with bank-transfers.

I've helped set up such payment systems (backends): the rate of non-paying (send reminders, etc) is far higher with bank-transfers than with iDeal. So much, that for many freelancers who send just a few dozens of invoices per year, it pays off (pun intended) to include an iDeal QR code and link in that invoice.

People are so much more likely to click and link and pay than when they have to type over payment details. The latter often ends on the "TODO pile" the former is often payed within minutes after emailing.

(Do note that in Western-Europe it is common business(to-business) practice to send an invoice after the goods or services are delivered. This invoice acts as a payment-request.)

Most banking apps support SEPA QR codes as well, specifying a receiver, amount, and subject line. Which makes payment super easy.

If I’m sharing a bill with friends, I’ll just generate the QR codes, the friends scan them, click pay, verify with biometrics, and are done.


Oh definitely, it's not for every use case. If one just shuffles boxes through (roughly speaking) and competes on price, an automated system with all the well-known payment providers is better.

If you want to go bare bones, spend as little money as possible (on fees, setup costs and setup time, brain cycles) then I just want everybody to know that - at least in Europe - that's possible. Even with only a personal bank account (and some good bookkeeping, that is)!

> that for many freelancers who send just a few dozens of invoices per year

Let me be clear I'm not talking about invoices from freelancers who already did the work, I'm talking real webshop stuff (you buy and pay for goods and/or digital services on the spot).

The only 'problem' is that you have to wait one or two days (and three when there's a weekend) before you can start fullfilling an order. That's not for every use case, but definitely can work for a lot of use cases I think.

Thanks for detailing. As always in IT, the actual, practical use-case is what makes the difference :).

And yes! I've set-up webshops that work exactly this way: both B2C, and B2B. I even encounter them regularly in NL, where iDeal is the norm and dead-easy to implement: e.g. yesterday when ordering special seeds for coming years vegetable-garden:

"Please email us the product-numbers and quantities, the bank-account from where you send the money and your postal address"

Having no PSP is always easier than the easiest PSP. Having no webshop is always easier than the simplest webshop. Apparently such businesses can get away with it. Or, more in y-combinator-speak: by far the leanest webshop is a simple email-inbox.

> I just really miss the UK, stupid Brexit. I have to quadruple the amount of paperwork if I want to sell to the UK. It's not worth the hassle. Just not worth it.

Had the same conclusion for a while for my webshop. It bothered me to say no to people from the UK, so ended up setting up a reseller account and chose to use that for the UK.

Which - while not free - has now changed to my main payment system as it reduced my overhead drastically. Plus now all my sales is compliant with all tax laws everywhere. Not just VAT within the EU, but also sales tax in the US etc.. without the additional overhead as the reseller is the one who handles all the taxes.

> It bothered me to say no to people from the UK

Agree. I'm in a very lean situation now and can use my time better, otherwise it's worth looking into. There's a lot of good customers there, who also didn't ask for this Brexit thing.

Very nice! I like the idea of randomness.

For my website business I made something alike. It combines some general styles with random colors. Some very ugly things are possible with it. ;) But it also has some preset templates that give you an idea of how nice it can look.

https://try.hellowebsite.online/quickdesign/ (best tested on a screen bigger than your smartphone)

Good luck with your project! :)

Thanks, you too!

Did you read the piece?

From: https://news.ycombinator.com/newsguidelines.html

> Please don't comment on whether someone read an article. "Did you even read the article? It mentions that" can be shortened to "The article mentions that."

Thanks. You are right. My bad.

Not a completely fair comparison. Then at least also tell readers that the 'old cars' you talk about are not in the museum or on the junkyard, but make up half of all the active cars on the road. That's not nostalgia.

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