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In my experience, Google and Amazon recruiter emails tend to be the most poorly written, confusing and unprofessional emails I receive from recruiters.

> When I was a kid there was a big earthquake where I lived and my life was disrupted for a few weeks. Many decades later I still have latent trauma from that incident.

From the earthquake, or from the disruption?

It's an important distinction in the COVID case. Are kids being traumatized by having to attend school via Zoom, or are they being traumatized by living through a global pandemic?

I don't think the distinction is important in any scenario. It's always the disruption.

Put another way: if an earthquake happens, but nobody notices except the Richter scale, does it impact anyone? Of course it's not the pandemic term itself, it's the first-, second-, third-order effects of covid and the term pandemic. Zoom school, masks, vaccines, media coverage, political shifts, fights, worrying about family members getting sick (possibly dying), seeing your friends less, fewer/smaller gatherings, longer periods of isolation, etc.

> worrying about family members getting sick (possibly dying)

That was my point. Is what's hurting the kids having to stay home, and have Zoom meetings? Or is it the fact that they're literally living through a catastrophe? The former is nothing compared to the latter.

I'd think most kids don't actually worry about family members getting sick. They generally feel worry when their parents worry about family getting sick. So, they are being impacted by the social and emotional change in their environment, much less by disease itself.

> literally living through a catastrophe

Relax a bit.

Most people haven't really been affected by the disease itself, and instead were basically entirely affected by the measures put in place to try to slow its spread.

I'd say that fear of infection, and your family members falling ill or dying, is separate from the measures put in place, and is a very real concern for folks of all ages.

Rad! He also shows how to grow beautiful crystals that are safe to work on with your kids: https://crystalverse.com/grow-alum-crystals-at-home/

> You can launch shit software, as long as its just not-shitty enough to lock-in a few lucrative clients early on. This validates your idea and allows you to hire the "good" engineers to build the """good""" software, or at least more scalable version, going forward.

In my decade and a half of software engineering experience, this has happened exactly once - we cobbled together something to validate a concept, then completely fucking scrapped it and built it from scratch.

I honestly don't know if it'll ever happen to me in my lifetime, and I wouldn't bet on it. Supporting the "shit software" for the lifetime of the business isn't something I'd want to do.

I've seen just as many examples of well-written software failing to meet the needs of the business as I have of "shit software" that couldn't be cleaned up. This is doubly true in growth startups, where your programmer headcount grows fast enough that by year three you're producing more software in a quarter (or month) than you did in your first year.

The promised land has always been six months in the future, for the past few years.

It’s in testing right now.

Problem: cleaning up water bottles full of pee after deboarding.

Worse problem: cleaning up un-capped, tipped-over bottles that are no longer full of pee after deboarding.

"Come on, give me that booze, you little pumpkin pie, hair-cutted freak, come on!"

"Tic-tac, sir?"

I found it amusing well into college.

Reminds me of the Neal Stephenson novel Zodiac, where a similar agent was used in an offensive manner.

When reality differs by locales, at least one "local reality" won't match the API.

> everyone is fine

Except the people who aren't.

> the hospitals aren't overwhelmed

Except the ones that are.

> forcing your experimental medications on the entire planet

No more experimental than any other vaccine; due to how quickly COVID spread, we were able to do the same level of testing on the vaccine as for any other medication. It's as safe as anything else you take.

“No more experimental than any other vaccine”

you are creating more vaccine hesitancy by saying this

To your first two points, you could say that before covid.

Do you have a time machine or something? You can't study long term effects just by having a bigger study.

vaccine trials usually last 2 years alone from a quick glance

Because most vaccines are for diseases that aren't as prevalent in the population as COVID has been; we've had significantly more people to run the trials on!

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