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How can such unscientific stuff end up on first page of HN?

Or did I miss the part where the inventor published a breakthrough technique that allows his system to break known laws of physics?

It's entertainment! I don't laugh often. But this made my day!

Convincing the team that always-on dashboards with critical, actionable metrics would improve release rates and uptime.

Making sure that upcoming new features and achievements are showcased to the whole company through weekly demos.

What were the critical, actionable metrics?

At first, it was only for developers, actionable metrics were: number of red CI jobs, distribution of build times (especially 90th, 99th percentiles), number of open pull requests.

Now each team has their own dashboard. E.g support team shows a graph of open/assigned/outstanding tickets, with SLA breaches highlighted. Sales team shows a sum up of data anomalies in their CRM (missing data, inconsistent states).

The rationale is that anything that shows up in red needs immediate action from a human being to avoid blocking the team, and we strive for the right balance between always green and always red (which are both useless states).

Possibly you have a bright future in management :)

Heh, this is not the first time I get this feedback :)

Currently, I'm having more fun building software tools that are actually useful to people. Who knows, maybe a few years down the road I'll get bored by this, and dedicate my time to other activities ;)

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