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U know $perl ?

> which may reduce the asset backing that loan.

IMO its worse than that.. no asset has been "reduced" yet the tempers and decision making get worse and worse.. This is a fundementally divisive issue that brings out the worst in people. Community is nowhere to be seen when it comes to private property and the dollars that come with it. It is a bitter end-game of an explosive and wealthy 100 years of growth in this part of the world.

Tempers and radicalism are going up for one good reason:

As the size of the loans go up, the stakes go up.

> Firefox, for all it's modern faults, is the only browser that's actually different in any substantial way.

as a casual reader, I know this is false.. several HUGE efforts, have failed to gain the eyeballs of readers . repeating that there is only one choice, is not useful or constructive right?

Which efforts would that be?

Pretty much every other browser is based on Chromium. Some very niche ones on webkit.

Orion Browser is proudly based on WebKit.

I don't think that Otter Browser is based on Chromium.

Otter Browser looks like it uses QtWebKit. So not chromium, but still the same KHTML/WebKit/Blink family.

just great. we really need a new alternative because I don't like where Firefox is heading and I have been using it since the beginning.

Maybe those efforts were not as huge as you think they were? I also don't know what you're referring to. I'm not a FF fanboy or anything like that, but I have made my choice and I'm sticking to it so I can divert my mental energy towards other more productive areas.

How many alternative browsers can you name that are not mere forks of Blink or Webkit?

maybe people will look at alternatives:


change your definitions of success & take off the pre-judgement blinders?

I wrote code to access one California MLS, and learned a lot about it in the process. I learned that at every level, information is hidden and obfuscated! While I was involved, a National MLS association in Chicago was taken to court over its practices and lost. Many MLS are slightly different. With all that said, I am glad its not completely standardized, or worse Federally administered, overall (why? exercise for the reader)

Very true, and not all of the data we pull in our practice will give you everything on a house. It’s up to the Technical admins that implement, but I am unsure of how much is just set up as they bought it or working with a team to implement certain features.

I understand the wont for not having a completely standardized system or federally administered system here in the states; But in my own experience in my state, it would make work a lot easier in outlying areas where an MLS is owned by one realty group that does not make it easy for outsiders to use, even though we do regular work in that area.

There certainly could be a push in the US to have a national standard to hold MLSs to, as most loans are federally backed or are set up in such a way to be sold in secondary markets that could be bought by government backed entities. There has also been talk among lenders and those in the risk management space of real estate for more normalized data, to make it easier for things to be portable or more ready to feed into an automated value model.

US Citizen here -- I think that science plays an important role on both sides, but the cynical manipulation of news stories by the Oil and Gas industry and their well-paid allies, is backfiring finally. Please note that four prominent Republican Senators with Big Oil ties gave a press conference this year, and did not deny Climate Change.. this is news

They dont have to deny climate change, they just have to vote like it doesn't exist and blame things like government overreach or protecting jobs or energy independence. Best of both worlds, it allows them to come off as reasonable without losing any donors.

I heard whispers of "its too late" in the early 90s, with respect to the top meter of ocean and the biological life cycles there being broken.. yet we had the international CFC ban and that was a success at breaking the Ozone Hole, which made things better.. Let's be eyes-open on every detail, but be aware of the despair aspect too .. "collapse in X-X+10 years" is overwhelming to many ears, and we do not know the future.. hth

> student loan forgiveness would bloat the education sector even more

this is remarkably one-sided

How so?

If you replace the slightly loaded term 'bloat', you would get something fairly unobjectionable:

'Forgiving loans people take out for an activity, would lead to more of that activity.'

Or what do you mean?

I agree with your sentiment. I would fine tune the wording too:

'Forgiving loans people take out for an activity, would lead to more demand and greater price appreciation of that activity.'

I think the great harm was disconnecting students from the immediate consequences of their educational spending with easy to get loans.

That economic disconnect has made it ever easier for schools to charge more for less actual value. Whether in poorly directed education (exceptional education in areas with poor career potential), or simply over priced (top heavy admins, and other overhead or expenses beyond providing actual education).

What do you mean by 'appreciation'?

Price increases. Easy student loans remove a lot of pressure from qualified education providers for keeping their prices/expenses down.

Thanks. I wasn't quite sure whether increase in price was meant, or some kind of moral appreciation.

Appreciation means it would increase (i.e. appreciate). Price appreciation = it will cost more. Essentially saying if you give people a bunch of money for X, the going rate of X will increase as that's how supply and demand work.

Ok. I wasn't quite sure whether increase in price was meant, or some kind of moral appreciation.

watch Elon Musk respond to this question on a panel talk, in front of Oil executives, in Norway .. master class in diplomacy.. hint "just stop" is not a winning position, no matter what outcome you favor

> hint "just stop" is not a winning position

It is the ONLY winning position. (almost) Every part of the world talks incessantly about it or around it rather than actually taking the position. Saying "just stop" is only the first step and if you can't take that, you haven't realized that every other position is a losing position. The trick is that it's a worse and worse position each day.

Saying "just stop" isn't supposed to win immediately against those who will fight you regardless of what you say. It's to show you're willing to take off the steering wheel in a head to head. Ofc, you don't want to say it when you don't mean it.

I'm convinced that parts of the world, thirsty for water (and other resources) will go to war and it still will not stop. The hand wringing and peace making is unsurprising business as usual.

Yes, our beautiful little system we've constructed is starting to feel more and more like a ball and chain. We can't bother doing what's in everyone's best interest because it also happens to be in nobody's individual interest. Quite a predicament.

Elon Musk is today's Robert Moses. People associate him with helping the environment, but he's pushing for growth as his top-line strategy. He may lower emissions from tailpipes, but systemically, he's exacerbating the problems.

Elon? Is that the guy who moved to Texas to dodge taxes and regulations? Who’s expanding industry in one of the states with the least environmentally friendly laws in the nation? You know, a state where rolling coal is considered a pastime?

Yeah no thanks. I sold my Tesla shares after he took a cheap shot at Bernie Sanders (funny how he never took a shot at Donald Trump, weird huh)…

I’m guessing if Trump took a shot at him, he’d have quipped back, just as he did to Bernie.

Bernie didn’t take a shot at him, at least not directly. Nothing deserving a snarky reply.

offtopic a bit - Why does COMCAST insist on handling residential DNS, despite alternates available in the USA ? from what I see at one site in California, the DNS has to come from the local router via IP address, which is directly run by COMCAST.

Offering a recursive DNS server is one of the basic jobs of an ISP intended for regular users.

It's not strictly required, but it makes everyone a lot happier, since most consumer oriented operating systems don't include a recursive resolver (or they're not enabled out of the box). I can't find a changelog for the root hints, but I don't think they change that often. I can see L changed IPs in 2007 (and IPv6 in 2015), D in 2012, H in 2015; B in 2017 (and also 2004); I'm not sure if there were changes before then too, but I'm pretty sure even if you had a really old list from 1991, at least a few of the roots are still there, and you could bootstrap from there.

There's value in a shared, somewhat local cache though. And also value in your ISP doing the recursion without the delay imposed by the last mile physical protocol.

what do you mean by "insist"? Do they use their DNS as a default in their routers? Do they block access to other DNS servers? ...

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