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There's a lot in here, but the title may be better as "How the Canadian Tech Scene Encourages Finite Gameplay"

oh beautiful i can just edit the title

I did weekend classes in elementary school which were two hours, during which our teacher would not let us go to the bathroom. Parents eventually complained and so in exchange for being able to go pee, we were no longer permitted water during the two hours.

Describing truffle implementations as alternatives to Java implementations is not quite correct. They are always alternatives for the reference implementations (CRuby, Cpython). They're also not really about integration with Java Bytecode

Also Truffle will let you run C extensions unlike regular jvm implementations due to the polyglot nature of Graal and Sulong

yay this is great! <3

thank you, kipply!

nice compilation!

is anyone else bothered that they have to scroll below the fold after clicking "learn more" to get to the content?

Recurse Center has a pretty nice model where they give you a part of a program (small) to bring ahead of time (or you can pick any program you've written) and the interview is going through the code and adding a feature or two.

That kind of interview mitigates the amount of trivia and preparation-gaming while also ensuring that the applicant can solve problems as a team and is a competent programmer. It is cheatable in that one can memorize implementations of some features, though it seems somewhat difficult and not more cheatable than just memorizing a bunch of CS trivia.

I'm not too familiar with them, but why does Recurse Center need to interview people for technical positions?

The Recurse Center is a retreat that you attend with other like-minded programmers. I recommend it if you are interested deepening your experience as a programmer, by working on personal projects as part of a helpful community. There is a selection process as mentioned above, but it isn't onerous.

there is also rosebud.ai which creates images of clothing on (deepfake) models for businesses. It's supposed to save time and possibly money on photographers/models. Really excited for this to become viable for small businesses <3

This is correct (am author), bad oversight. Opinions were only applicable towards the scope you described

Hm okay, thanks for acknowledging! I guess the reason I had strong words for this was that the mental bias I observed is actually extremely pervasive among people here in the bay. In fact the first question I get about my firm is whether/how much I raised.

I'm afraid of Bay-Area-view-of-the-world-being-inaccurate sorta things, was kind of sad to see it in myself (though my scope was narrowed partially because my only experience was choosing between industry vs startup)

Please don’t feel like this article wasn’t useful to some people though even with bias; as a new entrant to the industry I liked reading it!

If you're interested in the wider world of startups you might like the "Startups for the Rest of Us" podcast (https://www.startupsfortherestofus.com/) and the community around it. Some examples:

* https://microconf.com/

* https://tinyseed.com/

* http://bootstrappedweb.com/

* https://indie.vc

They are probably closest to the Silicon Valley startup world in the kinds of businesses being built.

Getting further away you have things like affiliate marketers and drop shippers. The "Tropical MBA" podcast (https://www.tropicalmba.com/) is more in that space.

Yah my feelings about running a startup are completely different for bootstrapped/hacked up companies (I think that's the term?)

The downsides are still there it takes the same level of commitment, dedication, and obsessive effort to bootstrap.

It has taken me 5 years to bootstrap a niche b2b saas to $1m ARR. It is both awesome and terrible.

It doesn't have to be stressful or full-commitment. I'm cool with $50k ARR.

I'm not even sure revenue is that good of a signal of the work put in. Didn't the Basecamp guys start off on just 10 hours a week inbetween their day job.

By day job do you mean running 37signals the new media design firm at the dawn of the web?

I wouldn’t really isolate the “day job” part here, it was sort of the quintessential dogfood SaaS.

That's an amazing achievement to have reached that milestone!

I am this close to changing it, this is very good

I like how according to Silicon Valley, a "Founder" is a person that has borrowed capital from VCs. I live in Silicon Valley and there are more businesses here that are not backed by VCs than otherwise. Tens of thousands of small businesses who work as hard as the top dogs sucking up to VCs, yet they're just businesses with owners, not "Startups" with "Founders". Some people still call Dropbox, Airbnb and Uber as "Startups". I am a little annoyed by this just like I am annoyed by buzzwords of today - AI, crypto (bonus points if you throw in the term - supply-chain), and of course, the new kid on the block - "Quantum".

Do you guys not see this and introspect once in a while?

I hear this come up so much and it's just trite.

I don't think anybody in Silicon Valley would say the _definition_ of a Founder is someone who takes VC money.

All companies require capital to operate. All capital has a cost. In many high growth companies, the amount of time it takes to build a product and go to market has a significant effect of how much market share that company can acquire. Selling equity or taking on debt is how many companies can reduce that time and acquire more market share.

It just happens to be that the companies Silicon Valley is most interested in are companies that have to raise capital this way, with very very few exceptions.

Now more than ever, VCs will happily tell a a founder "your business is not a business that fits with the VC model well, don't raise VC money." The VCs who say that do not think the people they are are saying that to "aren't founders" - their business just doesn't need VC investment.

A "Founder" is someone who creates their own company with or without VC money. If VC money was a pre requisite then Jeff Bezos wont be a founder.

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