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Studies on alcohol consumption are always flawed due to socioeconomic factors. Adults who can afford to have some beers or wine on an evening are more affluent, therefore are more likely to have private healthcare, can afford nutritious diets and are more likely to exercise regularly. Until we can find a way to control for these factors, studies into the health benefits of alcohol are very misleading

Cheap beer is cheap. Around a dollar a pint. The homeless drink beer because it is the cheapest way to get alcohol.

Even when we only consider the nutritious value, it is about 200 kcal/$, about as much as chicken. Not cheap but definitely not fancy.

Socioeconomic factors have to be taken into account, but I don't think the rich drink more beer, they just get better quality, and maybe in a bar rather than from a supermarket.

I LOVE THIS! I'm going to use it so much

Hey! Someone else from Jersey! Nice one

Site is down sadly

I wasn't expecting so much traffic, it's up again now

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