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> And they'll complain to your boss if you try to make them.

Really? Have I led a sheltered life? I cannot rightly apprehend the state of mind that would see pinning deps as bad. It only helps you!

But it takes longer than not doing it.

> Don’t underestimate how good a stable, big company job is right now.

This, but also don't underestimate the personal satisfaction of "eating what you kill". I feel far less alienated from my labor than I did as an FTE. When I get a tough new task, I get excited thinking of those hours piling up. My reward is directly tied to my efforts and success in a way it never was before, and that has improved my quality of life tremendously.

> This, but also don't underestimate the personal satisfaction of "eating what you kill".

I love that expression and mere words cannot describe the sense of satisfaction one gets when the sale is made and the checks are cashed. It’s not for everybody. Honestly, it’s not for most either. But if you do pull it off, the feeling is fantastic.

I second this. The fulfillment of doing work as a contractor and being the owner of my future is invaluable.

I have been working for 15+ years as consultant and contractor for a SP500 company and I have several friends that are FTE there. Over the years I realized I'm much more motivated and overall happier with the work I do than they are - at the same company and in similar positions.

I'm also much more productive because my only measure of success is the quality of the output of my work. If it isn't good, then my contract will not get renewed. So I have to produce something of value 100% of the time which keeps me in check at all times.

In their case there's politics, promotions, new roles, new bosses, performance reviews and so on.

The saying "eating what you kill" really resonates. Thanks for that.

I'm the exact opposite. I enjoy the cushy FTE positions in European companies where I can automate my work away to the point where 1-2 hours of actual effort is all I need to put in. I don't find any satisfaction in doing a good job for a company not my own, and spend my focus and energy doing my hobbies, socialising, living my life in bliss. Most workaholics I knew my life were miserable people who hated their life and didn't sleep enough.

I once caused a blank box to appear on Rakuten's homepage for several hours. My boss had to fly to Japan to apologize in person to their CEO.

Or that is what he used to justify a free (likely business class) flight to JP.

No, I don’t work for Rakuten, but the in-person apology from an appropriately senior person is hugely important for large Japanese organizations.

In my current company I have the opportunity to work with several large Japanese banks. Various members of our C-Suite and senior management travel occasionally for this purpose.

A sufficiently sincere apology with the appropriate level of ceremony can be the difference between maintaining and losing a substantial contract.

I don't know a huge amount about Rakuten. Don't they purposefully adopt a pretty flat communication structure, and the CEO travels around a lot, as well as English demanded in senior roles?

That was one of the first attempted applications for GOFAI in the 80s. Check out CADUCEUS:


Sure but there's probably a downside as well.

fucking lol. I think it'd suck for us have our SWE salaries crash down to non-tech levels. Making $140k after 10 years of experience at Google, oof. Tech VC's drained, how will I start my dog therapist app? But yeah, massive net benefit to society. Housing returning to normal levels, cities with blended cultures of white/blue collar and art workers.

> Aristocrats used to explain that they could not be dispensed with because they had superior value and were needed to administer and guide while exploiting the collective labours of the population. Modern large shareholders and executives explain that they can’t be dispensed with due to their superior ability

Isn't this evidence that the aristocrats were right? We beheaded them and new aristocrats sprang up in the same place, almost as if there must and will always be people in such positions.

I'd say it's evidence that the class is self creating, but not specifically that the class is necessary for society to function. It could be for instance that it must necessarily exist, but only as a byproduct of society (e.g. some people have slightly more resources and therefore an advantage to press to get more resources etc.)

Or possibly it's just a consequence of the kinds of society we've had up till now. Perhaps in [your favorite utopia] it's not necessary nor beneficial.

Or that the positions are self-reinforcing, and whoever gets that position first holds it. Which is exactly why the systems that support aristocrats need to be dismantled, and not just the current crop of aristocrats.

No; it's evidence that some people will attempt to become that class of society, even after it's been abolished, so that they can have power over others.

I did! At age 14 I used it to make newsletters for my church. It was a big step up for me from Newsroom, which could only layout in a 2x3 grid -- I could finally do WYSIWYG column-flows with embedded clip art!

GeOS felt like the future to me, because it was (or seemed to be) treating the screen as an arbitrary pixel grid, free from the constraints of a 40x24 char array and 8 sprites.

> refuse to read the literature ... and instead lean on gut feelings, anecdotes, and cargo cult-ing

I mean, if it works for programming...

> Deep learning will be acknowledged as a dead end

I don't disagree, but as soon as next year? Why do you think so?

"scores of people"? You should read Gulag Archipelago.

Wow he must be naive of history...

I think you missed the point of my comment. The Soviet Union is not alone in committing atrocity or "evil". Every developed nation is guilty of it. And the scale of atrocity shouldn't be measured by the body count alone.

Then what do you measure it by and how is the Soviet Union not near the top of those rankings?

So a country that commit “evil” and claimed one innocent life should be lumped together with one that claimed 5 million innocent lives?

If your argument is there is no country who hasn’t committed evil in some form I’m not sure you’ll get much opposition or really be saying something people don’t already know.

If your excusing mass genocide because “everyone does bad stuff” then I’ll have to disagree.

You don't have to excuse immoral behavior to have a complex understanding of it.

Some would argue that hundreds of years of enslavement and death of millions of people is far, far worse than simply killing them. Which would put the United States pretty much at the top of the heap of evil nations. But we don't really think of the US as the most evil nation in the world, do we? Simultaneously, we don't seem to do anything to make up for that evil, even though the US has forced other nations to do so.

I bring all this up because it's extremely easy to point the finger at one group and generalizing it all as evil, when you're not part of that group. That's how humans perpetuate evil, as the book mentions. Just simplify them down to some external "thing" and justify or rationalize. Without acknowledging the context, and providing some form of comparison to others, it's easy to fall into the trap of demonization and over-simplification.

Beria was obviously an evil, sick, twisted fuck. But it's very hard to apply that generalization to a whole government or people.

The USSR literally lined people up by the millions and shot them in the head in industrial fashion.

Not even close to comparable.

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