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CockroachDB (Postgres-ish) and PlanetScaleDB (MySQL) come to mind. They have very generous free forever tiers.

Similar https://mlab.com/ sandbox plan

From a quick glance CockroachDB looks like it may be just the ticket. Thanks!

Ex-pat living in Germany: The only thing I don't care for other than the terrible customer service at restaurants and other places is Germany's stance on copyright and how militant they are about things. It's ridiculous. It's like the MPAA's wet dream.

Sounds fair

Some might accuse me of wanting to create an echo chamber but I do want to see Twitter filtering out the crazies and the extremists. My own personal biases would rather Twitter be filled with Marxist coffee shop revolutionaries than the Ben Shapiro’s of the world.

What a fascinating read. The first article here I’ve read to completion.

Built from scratch ehh? I wonder what it’ll be priced at. It seems promising. DOA without vim bindings though.

What? Vim bindings is not a deal breaker for majority of users.

The decisive factor will be what does it bring over vscode?

> The decisive factor will be what does it bring over vscode?

Hopefully a native, non-electron mess. I'm excited to check it out. Plugins should fix any holes with respect to vim mode ;-).

> DOA without vim bindings though.

The number of users pining for Vim and Vim bindings is greatly exaggerated.

Sure, for users who don't mind not having it. But for me I can't use anything without it. I vim all the things: my browser, my editor (vim of course), and will sure as shit shill for anything that makes more than a half baked effort to cater to my vim obsession. So for <i>me</i> it's a deal breaker, might not be for you.

I wish it wasn't though. I am so addicted to vim :/. Not even a hard core vim script maker or anything though and every 9 months I try to either add IDE features to vim (and give up) or add vim features to an IDE (and give up).

Vim, not even once.

I had a very overcomplicated set-up to for JS/TS/web stuff and recently I decided I'd like to simplify a little.

So now I just install Neovim and then clone LunarVim :) Yeah, my own custom config is probably more slimline, but LunarVim has more functionality and started up faster than my personal config.

I disable a few things and tweak some bindings, but other than that it let's me actually develop things rather than tweaking my config.

Maybe I'll revisit this in the future, but for now I'm happy and probably more productive.

Ah, thanks for the reminder ! I had heard about it some time ago on HN but didn't get back to it. Will give it a try asap.

Not a vim user myself, but it seems like Neovim is getting close to what you want. Of course, there's always Emacs with Evil mode.

Onivim was what I wanted but alas the project ran out of money https://github.com/onivim/oni2/issues/3811#issuecomment-9103...

I really wanted a visual debugger I could use with the mouse like the one from Visual Studio Code.

So far there a no visual debugger tool like in any of the GUI project I know of that embed neovim.

The IntelliJ vim plugin has over 11 million downloads.

For comparison, the most downloaded plugin is Kotlin, which has 34 million downloads, followed by Scala, which has 22 million downloads.

I downloaded it many times myself bet never get used to it. There are too many conflicts with other key bindings.

Even I have Kotlin downloaded, and I've never ever used it.

Number of downloads is a rather poor proxy for actual usage.

To my surprise, less than Emacs users https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2019#development-e... I found this group much more vocal with their org-mode.

yup - strict tables is very welcome.

This also is an interesting tidbit:

"The query planner now omits ORDER BY clauses on subqueries and views if removing those clauses does not change the semantics of the query."

Curious how it might improve queries -- I wonder how many folks were doing potentially redundant order by's in subqueries

The order by optimization was a work-around for auto-generated SQL. The original (?) issue [0]

[0] https://sqlite.org/forum/forumpost/2d76f2bcf65d256a

As a piece of kit, purely hardware, my iPhone. Sometimes I just take the case off an marvel at it.

Yup, you all on the whole teach me a ton and keep me honest. You call me out on my shit and also submit really cool things. Here's to more.

Good. More supply for Apple at TSMC and more customers for Samsung to drive down per unit costs and make bigger investments to compete in the chip space. This move really only helps the semiconductor manufacturing market and makes it more likely that Apple will be able to make all the hardware their fans like me buy up so ravenously.

I loved this board. Nostalgia for the win.

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