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Well, that is what happens when you fail to proactively apply the Sherman Anti-Trust in a vigorous manner.

And Microsoft Edge gets rid of Internet Explorer. IE sucks except for one thing: built-in browser-based RSS support. THat alone is worth keeping it.

Edge is IE. It is mostly just a different name with exact same issues.

Is it? I thought it was based on Chromium now?

It is based on Chromium. From the support article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4501095/download-th...

its chromium based now meaning its near indistinguishable to chrome for the average end user

Well, those experimental communities always fail. Too disorder results in an beautiful experiment collapsing.

The real problem is that these experimental communities need to have some type of binding social customs to govern the group. The Native Americans existed for millienialiums existed by having an agreed-upon binding social customs that held their society without formal written law.

In this case, these groups do not have take time to really develop these social customs or beliefs and guess what their experiment blows up. And chaos and strife breaksout which results in people dead.

IN a society as complex as the US, the rule of law and strong faith in institutions leads to a stable democratic institutions. These people fail to grasp that reality and the investment firm decides go to Arizona.

In reality, Seattle is better managed city than the wild west of Phoenix. But again, we are seeing the devastating effects when leaders do not put in faith into the institutions that they created and then as a result, chaos results which is a huge virus spike.

Phoenix is not a place that I would put a business knowing that long-term effects of climate change. If I want to keep a business for longer than ten years, I would not put it that town. I would rather put into Seattle than Phoenix.

The url was too long so I submitted the link via Twitter from the San Diego Union Tribune account.

The link does not work.

Private equity is the cancer that destroying this country. I do not care what the free markets people states. The harmful effects of the private equity industry upon this country exceeds any benefit that might help financial struggling companies. In the end of the day, they turn companies that should have gone in Chapter 7 into zombies and do more harm than good. It is time that industry cease to exist in its form and that investment method for superwealthy is taken way. If you invest money in those companies, than you have too much money that needs to go the tax man instead of investing in industry that turn a lot of private industries into zombies. In effect, they are a cancer for capitalism even though they are product of lazziez's fare capitalism.

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