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Love to see this here, a very well researched video!

It was an awesome scene, I used to put out jungle and trip hop tracks on Mono211/Monotonik/Voodoo and a couple of other mod labels back in the day.

Everything was free, in an era where studio time and studio equipment was really expensive it was mind-blowing to be able to do it with just a PC, all in software. Lots of friendly competition between artists and the file format was such that you could open a mod and see exactly how it was put together, and reuse the samples if you wanted to. Gave birth to many people's careers in music and software!

Mono211 was such a quality netlabel.

I used to download all tracks they (and other labels such as TDR) released back in the days and listen to them while learning to code.

This shaped my taste in music as the only other influence in this pre-Kazaa era were rather boring mainstream radio broadcasts and MTV.

It felt like wizardry and names like distance, dune, falcon or mortimer twang still give me shivers.

They will just return the eth. People who deposited will need to pay gas fees to claim it back though. And yes the saga definitely isn’t over - there will be many more collective fundraising DAOs going forward!

Not only that, I believe they had to exchange the ETH for USD before the auction to prove their holding. They now need to turn the USD back to ETH. ETH crashed by about 10% yesterday afternoon (which could be due to them liquidating that much ETH, that would be a big story itself) and so they will have lost a fair bit there!

If they were holding USD during the crash, that is great for them. Means they may end up with more than they started with.

It would be a pretty funny outcome: "hey sorry we couldn't buy the Constitution, thanks for sending us 10 eth last week, here's 11 eth back"

Your quite right. Should have had my fist coffee of the day first!

I think FTX agreed to return the same amount of ETH regardless of fx rates but let’s see. ETH daily volume is over $20b wouldn’t have made a material difference.

You underestimate how much of that volume is bots echoing and amplifying any tiny market jitter.

I only put in ~$20 worth of ETH to participate in the community excitement, the gas fees were 2.5x that so it won’t be worth it for me to reclaim it. I’m sure there are others in a similar boat who won’t be getting a refund. I hope they’ll donate whatever is leftover.

What do you mean? It costs $50 to transfer $20 in ETH? How does that liberate one from the banks' tyranny?


The 'banks' are still laughing at Ethereum with the slow transactions speed and the very high gas fees involved, just for a simple transfer.

Making it useless for buying food. Everyone needs to eat.

Cars were also slower than horses at first. They are working on ways to increase the capacity of the network but it is not going to happen overnight.

freedom of choice. it'll never be perfect, but it will get better. we now have another option we didnt have in the past.

Well, i'm in the EU and wire transfer fees are capped at 2 EUR no matter the amount. And they're close to instant.

I don't see the improvement here.

I think it will be up to $PEOPLE holders to decide what to do with the treasury that isn’t claimed

This is great! I wish we could have wider band/multispectral sensors in regular phones by default, feels like there could be a bunch of use cases. Maybe too niche

There was a problem with early night vision camcorders, in that they could kind of see through beachwear. So maybe that's part of the reason.

That’s how I felt when Gavin/Parity people first started using the term, felt a bit like an appropriation. It’s a marketing term, people like new numbers like HTML5 or Industry 4.0. While it’s not perhaps so accurate for new decentralised storage/compute/consensus tech, it encapsulates the broader movement pretty well. I think we’re stuck with it for a while for better or worse - at least until web4!

It was sometimes hard to get in (unless the BBS had multiple phone lines, and even then the popular ones were often busy), so there was always a bit of anticipation waiting for that modem connect tone, and you’d leave it on auto redial for ages sometimes.

Checking out what files other people had uploaded or what comments they had made was fun, and you could sort of have a real-time chat with the sysop when they were online. Downloading stuff took ages, sometimes overnight.

Warez was a big part of it, but so was all sorts of text files for making various stuff, tracker music, demos etc. It was a real DIY culture and a lot of fun.

If someone else in your household picked up the phone to make a call when you were online, the connection dropped (the modem used the main phone line). That was the worst! Luckily you could continue downloading where you left off usually after reconnecting. Many BBSs had leech ratios - you needed to upload stuff as well.

This was late 80s/early 90s… Beyond the PC and modem cost you’d pay for local calls, which was pretty expensive for a bunch of 12 year olds. International calls were out of the question

> Many BBSs had leech ratios - you needed to upload stuff as well.

Ashamed to admit I was unzipping my zips and re-zipping them with `pkzip -e0 ...` to disable the compression before uploading them to another BBS. It inflated my upload ratio several times over and the upload looked unbelievably fast because zmodem transfer protocol would do decent in-line compression on uncompressed files.

Yes! I did the same thing. So funny to hear that here.

There was also a BBS that had a door for queuing downloads that just assumed everyone had a 14.4K modem, and I only had a 2400. When you picked your downloads to queue up, it checked your minutes to check if you had enough time. But since it did the math wrong I was able to queue up more downloads than my minutes allowed. Since it was a door, it didn’t return to the BBS software until my downloads were done. Fun times!

I recall "Anarchist's Cookbook" and phone phreaking manuals as ubiquitous text files found on every BBS's file section.

Haha yes that was a classic! Also bunch of demo coding and electronics stuff as text files.. sound cards were pretty expensive back then, I remember downloading DIY AdLib instructions/schematics and my friends dad built it for a fraction of the cost of a real one

I'm imagining everything was ASCII character art schematics, given the available toolset back then.

I told a friend about something I read in it and he went and asked his chemistry teacher about it and got a trip to the principal's office.

I remember printing it at school on the single dot matrix printer in the computer lab, which took a couple weeks during lunch breaks and after school IIRC. A lot of students were initially upset that I was always in there taking up printer time... until they saw what I was printing, then suddenly everyone wanted me to print them a copy. I also got some extra credit doing a presentation about it in chemistry class. I'm pretty sure our teacher even took one of the less destructive recipes and made something go boom behind protective glass while everyone cheered. The 90s truly were a different era...

Thank you, Kermit and ZModem. I remember a few legacy BBS didn't support the newer protocols which would let you resume downloads.

Even better was when these were combined with an image viewer that would let you view an image as it downloaded. Progressive gif let you see it in full, but blurry and watch as detail filled in.

Don't forget ascii and ansipr0n.

BMP and PCXs begat JPGs, GRASP animations begat GIFs. Grayscale, super low res seconds-long loops, but yes, I can fap to this.

It’s clear now that the efficacy against infection and protection from death wanes significantly - it’s unclear though how this information should affect our behaviour individually and collectively.

Is anyone changing their behaviour because of this data? In the U.K. at least people behave like COVID is over and most things are back to normal (restaurants, bars and clubs, public transport). I have relaxed my behaviour a lot too, but not too sure if I should be reducing this type of interactions in the light of the new data or not? I don’t belong to a risk group and am double vaccinated 5 months ago with Moderna.

SD cards are essential for anyone who does video or photography seriously - and that’s a big part of the market this laptop sells to. I’m glad it’s back

Nope. I do them seriously. My Mavic 2 Pro has a microSD slot, my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has a CF slot (it also does have a SD slot too, which is slower and I've never used it).

SD card reader is a nice addition for a handful of pros, sure, but definitely not essential for everyone who does photo/video seriously.

yeah and my blackmagic cameras have SD/CF/SSD - but SD is super common, most cameras have it. New UHS-II SD cards are pretty fast - https://www.cameramemoryspeed.com/sd-memory-card-faq/fastest...

MicroSD->SD is easy with a dummy adapter

this kind of slow motion and macro stuff is really eye opening, a perspective shift that gives us an opportunity to reflect on life - how intricate, beautiful and perfect the millions of different species we have on our planet are.

I think we're unable to fully appreciate biodiversity - a lot of it is too small for us to take notice, or too large to comprehend at ecosystem level. Similarly we are also unable to fully appreciate the loss of it - it's too abstract and happens at timescales our biological planning capabilities haven't evolved for (decades instead of minutes or days).

Such a shame to lose millions of years of amazing parallel optimisation by evolution, across so many species.

I like your point about the slow motion stuff being eye opening - I agree.

I don't get why _every_ point about 'the wonder of nature' has to suffixed with a downer.

It actually leaves the impression with me that you actually want to put everyone on a downer, while trying to signal to us how much you love nature.

Its like saying the ice cream is great, but its so unhealthy for you to eat. The way I see it, eat the ice cream if you like, but don't also moan about how bad it is for you.

I recognise that! Did not want to put you on a downer though, just reflect on why it often feels like we are on a slow motion train wreck, incapable of doing much about it.

Feels like we should generally have more positive narratives and stories of the future, like this


The truth is also that this is not a problem you or I created. We leave our lives fairly simply I'm sure, choosing not to harm others. When we make choices, these choices are provisioned for us by the governance structure and the corporations. The same entities that cause environmental damage (eg wrt fires - cutting down pristine forests rather than farming them, poor forest management in not undertaking controlled burns, etc). This is not our fault. To me, this is directly equivalent to the Christian idea that we are born in sin. We are not.

However, it is expedient that this is the message that we receive and so we are being blamed for 'climate change'. Those doing the blaming are those that caused the problem - corporations and governments.

Rather than take a positive action to address the problem, even if there is a hit to the bottom line (money), it is far easier and cheaper to 'socialise' the risk. So corporation use lobbyists etc to make government put the costs on the general population (carbon taxes, 'smart' cities, etc). And, as it happens, this provides the same corporations with the opportunity to make even more money, providing us with the governmental solutions that they lobbied to achieve!

Its a win/win for the corporations. Its lose/lose for the general public.

> the Christian idea that we are born in sin.

I thought it was the opposite. Christians hold that babies are born innocent and pure.

This should give you a rough indication of typical fees across L2s https://l2fees.info/

This article is fantastic. Covers everything I would have said about shadows as a designer (from visual and corner case point of view), great CSS/styled components implementation and clearly written with wonderful presentation. 5/5

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