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let's hear it

Wait, part of this might not be true:


Leaving this story here cos it's actually kinda interesting.

"By default all animations are enabled, but if you find them distracting, or if you want to save power, you can globally pause all the following demonstrations."

I love this writer / developer

When trying the Postman Web View I get:

Profile cannot be found This public profile may have been disabled or deleted

Already contacted Postman customer support :)

"It is really just fundamentally terrifying" -from TFA.

Yes, yes it is.

Those handling data like this, from whatever source, need much tighter regulation, since they are unable to regulate themselves.

Don't miss also http://boschproject.org/

which uses the hyper-resolution.org technology with the works of Hieronymus Bosch, adding super high-res images beyond visible light, with a "curtain" effect.

Hard to explain but fascinating stuff.

I see this supports Quicktake video[0] when in Photo mode. Kinda useful, but how do you take bursts now?

0. https://support.apple.com/en-ca/guide/iphone/iph61f49e4bb/io...

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