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The Tektronix 465 is a classic!

Only because all the asshat ones went in a skip about three decades ago.

Winnie-the-Pooh !

OT: does anyone else remember the free Winnie-the-Pooh ebook that Apple gave away for free when they first released their ebook software and store for iPad?

At some point that disappeared from my library, and does not show up in my purchase history either. Did Apple pull it for some reason?

And nobody knows what else! (actuallly I got it to work by playing with the DOM. This is Hacker News, after all...)

I would like to hear more about your experience.

I’ve finally worked out that people who want something from me, like my company or my software or my expertise, will say whatever they have to say to get a deal - but once the deal is done they just do whatever the hell they want, regardless of what they said. It’s the opposite of what I expect. I can’t deal with it.

The people who do this are smart, confident and charismatic. It is clearly a negotiating strategy. But in reality, the only thing that matters is who controls the flow of money. If they control the money then it doesn’t matter what they said, they can do what they damn well please. They know this up front, and they count on it.

Despite these setbacks I’ve done alright for myself, but honestly, I’m really bummed out about how useless I am when it comes to judging people and creating businesses where I’m free to actually do my best work.

Anyway, I don’t know if that helps you, but you asked and honestly it has helped me a bit to vent even if it’s all in the abstract.

Thisstory about ebay's attempted takeover of craigslist might interest you.

Even before Omidyar stepped down from Craigslist’s board, his appointed agent, Garrett Price, started bullying Craigslist’s owners. In an email to Buckmaster, Price wrote that Craiglist was “driving [eBay’s] execs (especially Meg) to distraction.” He told Buckmaster that eBay’s takeover was “inevitable” and that Craigslist needed to accept their fate, telling “Buckmaster that he and Newmark were mortal, but eBay was not, and eBay would acquire 100 percent of craigslist whether it took decades and, if necessary, over Newmark’s and Buckmaster’s dead bodies.”

Buckmaster replied by reminding Price that when they negotiated the sale of their stake, eBay had agreed to abide by a three-year “courtship period” during which time, if Craigslist felt their two cultures were incompatible, eBay had agreed it would sell back its shares.

Price’s response to Buckmaster:

    “that was then, this is now.”

Hey nython, i just wanted to reply again and say that I got a chance to read the whole article just now. It has really helped me put my recent experiences into context. THANK YOU.

It's been one thing for me to be on the receiving end of bad behaviour and to form an opinion and suspicions about what happened.

But it's quite another to see it played out deliberately, in the large, using trust and friendship as a weapon to defeat a group of people who aren't even playing the same game.

The remarkable thing for me is that people really are capable of this kind of shitty behaviour; that it can be entirely intentional, and planned well ahead of time. And that it doesn't matter how rich some people are, they are happy to cheat and steal just to get a little bit more. It's disgusting.

Thanks again for linking to it.

That is certainly the nature of things as I’ve experienced them. Thanks for posting this.

I sometimes wonder if the snakes learn their craft in some consistent manner (schoolyard politics? non-naive parents?) or if it's mostly instinctual.

Yeah - I wonder that too. I suspect all of the above. Having a privileged education and family contacts probably reinforces it.

From what I’ve seen, openness and honesty are highly regarded in technical work but these traits are considered disadvantages in business.

> Actually intelligent people just don't do things like this

Are you really claiming that intelligent people don’t commit crime or don’t lie? That seems incredibly naive.

No, just things like that. The whole situation screams “stupid criminal” or more like “compulsive liar/manipulator without a plan”.

Intelligent criminals and liars are better at it, better at obfuscating, better at making it unclear whether or not a crime was actually committed, better at never having their crime discovered and not getting caught if it is.

I thought they were claiming intelligent people are better at lying in the course of committing crimes or otherwise.

> SHARP used a virtual private network service that he subscribed to from a company named Surfshark to mask his Internet Protocol (“IP”) address when he accessed Company-1’s AWS and GitHub infrastructure without authorization.

How did they know it was SurfShark?

FYI, the policy to delete logs, just deletes them from your aws account, but they are still accessable/recoverable from aws side if needed. So this guy, that worked as cloud lead in ubiquiti was stupid enough to think it will hide his traces by deleting logs :DD it might have worked if he deleted them in bare metal server itself,but in aws it just deletes from account/s3, but can be recovered by AWS support. so this is how they got all the logs and found that it was him that logged in with his own aws user, and ip address from surfshark.

Presumably with an IP log by a router/IDS/ENS at the corporate or ISP level.

Which discount code did he use?

Use CYBERWEEK19 for 85% your first years subscription.

> willing to look at informational resources once step above scientific controlled studies (unfortunately many folks are not).

The End of Alzheimer's by Dr Dale Bredesen is all about "scientific controlled studies" and comes to the same conclusion about keto diets. No need to be open-minded :)

All the books I read cite plenty of studies, including the one I mentioned, which is why I call it "one step above scientific studies", but you get called a whacko nonetheless if you or the author hold any opinions even moderately outside of the mainstream dialogue / mainstream medicine.

My original comment on this thread is at -1 even though what I said was factually correct (and I found all my linked sources above via exactly what I said, a quick Google search). Another of my comments on this post has the classic reply "ah but the author of your study has been accused of quackery if I google his name".

So I'd say a bit more open-mindedness would be in order.

Yes, I am sorry you are getting such responses. The bottom line is there are multiple causes and types of Alzheimer's. So there are also multiple preventative measures. I'm no expert but, like you, have studied and read a lot, and that's my take.

Thats opposite to the advice of Dale Bredesen who wrote "The End of Alzheimers" (excellent book).

It is not the caffeine, it is the polyphenols. Yes, decaf works.

> Save most of the Google bucks rather than spending them on bloating your org to at least 3x the size it has any reason to be,

But then there would be no money for Mozilla's social justice initiatives.

In case you don't know, WinAmp borrowed that meme from the late, schizophrenic musician Wesley Willis.


"McDonalds is a place to rock, It is a restaurant where they buy food to eat, It is a good place to listen to the music, People flock here to get down to the rock music." - Rock 'N Roll McDonalds

"Batman beat the hell out of me and knocked me to the floor, I got back up and knocked him to the floor, He was being such a jack off" - I Whupped Batman's Ass

"This beast killed as many as 100,000 people / It's wings can flap like a bird / It can break a glass / It can also stab you in the ass" - The Chicken Cow

I didn't realize until today that Wesley Willis was also a visual artist[0], and surprisingly good.

[0]: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=wesley+willis+art&t=brave&iax=imag...

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