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Same thoughts I had, the more niche the topic the more important this feature was for finding a workable solution. A year back I was fixing a microphone and 9 of the 10 videos I looked at on it were convoluted expensive or ineffective work-arounds while one actually showed how to fix the issue relatively easily.

I'm really gonna miss this feature.

Another example of this: pronunciation videos.

Downvotes are a massive indicator if a chosen video is inaccurate.

Which is kind of funny when you think about it. Who would watch a pronunciation video if they already know how it’s pronounced?

Not discounting what you said. Just found it amusing :)

Often time when I look up a pronunciation video, it's for a language I'm learning and I have a vague idea of how the word is supposed to sound, but not sure on things like tonality and stress.

So, if I were to look up how to say "ramen", I might not know if it's supposed to be ra-MEN or RA-men, but I'd know it's wrong if they say it like "r-amen".

I suppose it could be people checking multiple sources and coming back to downvote after assessing which is the right one. At least that's the world I want to live in. A guy can dream.

> people checking multiple sources and coming back to downvote after assessing which is the right one

I do this on stackoverflow. I wouldn't be surprised if this is what happened here as well.

Some heavily downvoted videos are great.

Here's a classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXmv8quf_xM

Currently rated 3.7k likes, 15k dislikes. It's so good.

Here's mine if anyone's interested in seeing how it looks before making one:


Look or don't. It is your free will.

This misses whole primary subsets of ideologies and doomers, glosses most Libertarian groups which are probably the most paranoid about such events. Seeming to focus too hard at the near non-existant extremes like EcoFash & EcoCommies and really never adjusts back towards a realistic middle which comes in any crisis.

Imagine also if you had a domain run by multiple people. Only for the one its registered under to be a UK citizen. You get de-platformed and were given little to no warning to switch the registrant.

Warnings were sent in October, with reminders in December. Afaik, domain owners who’ve had their domains suspended can validate their eligibility again. So I think it is possible to transfer ownership of the domain to someone (or an entity) that is eligible.

Emails (from GoDaddy) seem to have been sent to registrars as early as August 2018 [0]

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25649326

Warnings were sent in 2019 and early 2020 as well, just in case there was no withdrawal agreement concluded.

In my experience EDU IT tends to be an extremely small staff with a very heavy amount of duties and overtime. It frankly surprises me this doesn't happen more often.

It's also often quite distributed, which many small IT groups of 1-5 staff members that may or may not coordinate with each other or with the central IT group(s).

I agree 100%. Used ProtonMail for a while and this is an issue that's made me think about looking to migrate elsewhere. Tutanota had similar problems when I messed around with it last year. It is hard to find one with good UI, my needed functions, while still having a solid security reputation.

I see no world were this doesn't end poorly. You either see mass emigration of the wealthy at old age or an incentivisation of illicit off the books banking (both domestically & offshore). I can't think of anyone who'd be willing to hand over the majority of their wealth to the government upon death. It would become common practice to attempt to circumvent this.

If everything above 10 million is taken as a death tax you can be sure no estates are going to be worth over 10 million publicly.

My thinking about the emigration is that if wealthy old people leave so that they can leave wealth to their heirs they are dooming their heirs to a hard decision: leave to access that wealth or stay with access to the wealth capped at 10 million. The only harm that I see in this is that a few inheritors leave the country.

Creatively reducing the values of estate wealth to the taxable cap would increase access to like conditions for people who normally have access to that much wealth and not much more which greatly lowers wealth distribution in the top 1% which is still a good thing.

Emigrating does not absolve one of the duty to pay taxes in the US. Renouncing citizenship does, but doing so for tax reasons is already illegal and those that do would be taxed anyway when renouncing.

Do you have a reliable source to backup such alarming claims?


I'll do an eli5 summary:

Even if all greenhouse emissions ceased overnight, global temperatures would continue climbing for another century before hitting equilibrium. We are already past the point of no return unless we start actively pulling carbon back out of the atmosphere.

And this would be a net bad thing because?

Rising of the sea levels is problematic for nearly all coastal areas of the world. Another problematic result is more extreme weather scenarios. There are many more, but let's start there.

It truly isn't a partisan organization. The Dems buried their heads when this happened under President "Deporter & Chief" Obama. People are pretending this issue is new because they didn't take the time to learn about it years ago. Some media reported on it under Obama, but few took the time until they were looking for ammunition against Trump.

No, don't do this both sidesim over here.

Obama prioritized deportation of those with criminal backgrounds. He created the DREAM program to help the millions of immigrants who spent most of their life in the US.

Its not the same.

The DREAM act has been around since 2001 and at its peak never even had even a million members throughout its existence. Illegals with a criminal background have always been preferred for deportation in the US. But my question how is which ICE is a government entity partisan for following the immigration edicts of the current administration?

Also looks like Both Sideism can go into the large book of unnecessary and arbitrary -ism words people have come up with during this presidency.

The act was never passed into law whereas Obama gave actual legal status to Dreamers and attempted to do the same for their parents too.

From the article: "“One of the data centers in Finland we are renting our servers from was accessed with no authorization,” said NordVPN spokesperson Laura Tyrell."

I believe that would be the section they're referencing.

How does this quote demonstrate that the service provider was not at fault?

“We failed by contracting an unreliable server provider...”

They are casting blame on the provider. Providing remote access tools is not a fault. Failure by NordVPN to disable said access is the issue, yet they passed the blame on.

Okay that makes sense. I read differently, like they had fabricated the story about the service provider's management console.

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