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16. Avoid helm.

While I agree generally, this isn't helpful for someone trying to expand their knowledge. Helm is a popular tool, and it's important to understand it, when it's useful, and when it's not.

Care to elaborate on the three points you mentioned with more specificity?

I can, I suppose.

With regards to "understanding it," I mean knowing what it's doing under the hood. It's all well and good to know that you can install something by doing "helm install," but you should really know what helm install actually does.

With regards to "when it's useful," I mean when you have a very complex system that needs a high level of abstraction to make manageable.

With regards to "when it's not [useful]," I mean various scenarios. For example, when you really only need a single pod running with no configuration and no ingress, Helm is not only overkill, but also a negative, as it abstracts without adding any value.

To my experience helm is great at some things but the fact that does too many things leads to engineers shooting their foot and then you have two problems: K8s and helm problems to solve ;-)

The fact you add complex logic in the chart makes deployment logic problematic when debugging complex workflows because team1 instilled all the logic in the CI while team2 in the helm chart(!) and team3 50-50.

I prefer using bash + gnu utils (envsubst & see) and kustomize than playing around with a template language running on top of another … the funny part was that we run all this thing via Jenkins & bash. I recall having to use an inordinate number of escapes in some cases… anyway.

> when it's useful: 0% if the time, or possibly more if Self-flagellation is your style

> when it's not: 100% of the time.

I'm sorry, why is helm so bad exactly?

Why? What's the alternative?

I see a lot of things that has to be solved on your own even when using Helm. I find their templates repulsive. But "avoid helm" is not an advise, really. How do you suggest to structure, version, deploy, encapsulate with important metadata your deployment descriptions? How do you package it? Is there anything else that integrate with larger tools like Rancher so well?

Kustomize look it up, much more native for k8s apps

17. Avoid kustomize even more than Helm.

Lol. Helm is like the ex that still comes around to key or graffiti your car. Kustomize is the girl that makes you realize you want to get married.

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