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Samsung “Smart TV” showing ads o customers (twitter.com/rsmck)
32 points by jp0d 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 23 comments

This part of the exchange had me laughing, and the initials on the last Samsung post even more so:

SamsungUK: Hey, Ross. Congratulations on your new TV. You wouldn't be able to disable the ads we're afraid. ^HA

@rsmck: The “HA” really rubs salt in the wound.

@SamsungUK: We sign our messages off with our initals, we can assure you we were not laughing at the situation. ^BS

I thought that they had been doing this for years. I've heard DNS based block lists (e.g. NextDNS, PiHole) can make them disappear.

Yeah I just avoid connecting it to the Internet, and instead use a PC I control to supply the signal.

On our Samsung tv every time you turn on the PC it does god knows what for 10-30 seconds (its trying to figure out what the device is and can’t..) we select PCand it works fine but it’s kinda annoying when the much older “dumb” Sony got the pc to tv running in less than 3 seconds…

The picture is great And the ROKU stick works well but the ads are very frustrating (we should never have done the internet thing, though my partner does like the YouTube app.. these suggestions might be worth a try)

I just waiting for the first TVs out there that use something like Amazon Sidewalk for metrics and/or ads.

I just avoid Samsung products

yeah but we can't expect regular people to be able to do that.

We badly need either alternative firmware for TVs, or a controller such as those cheap LUA63A82 based cards, but with 4K support and the necessary silicon to run an open OS plus Kodi, so that one can swap the one in the TV.

Example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32864199106.html

Does using Roku solve the problem? He should be able to watch online TV without Ads then. Am I missing something? Of course, terrible product by Samsung. Hopefully, consumers will vote with their feet.

I honestly don't know. But it's incredible that they can just agree on behalf of the customers that ads are okay. That's why I never buy Samsung phones either. They're full of bloatware. There should be a setting to disable these ads.

One of the reasons TVs are so cheap these days is because they sell advertising and harvest viewing data.

This is the problem (at least for me). It's the same as so many products (free ones especially), people care more about price than anything else, so businesses are incentivized to produce cheaper, ad supported lineups, and inevitably nobody buys a more expensive, ad-free version. It's the same for airfares (people would rather pay less and be treated like crap than get to be a human for a bit more), shopping (get treated like cattle at walmart but save $.5 on hotdogs or whatever).

With ads there is also the idea that the rates you can charge for ads are much lower if you let people pay to opt out, because basically you've pre-segmented for the cheapskates, when advertisers would like to advertise to those with money.

Bottom line, we're screwed

> people care more about price than anything else, so businesses are incentivized to produce cheaper, ad supported lineups, and inevitably nobody buys a more expensive, ad-free version

We know this because "contains large ads and spies on the user, and this cannot be disabled" is advertised as prominently as the price, right?

Why should it necessarily have anything to do with customer price sensitivity? No matter what the price point is and what the manufacturer’s margin is, the manufacturer will increase their margin by putting in ads. It doesn’t matter if it’s a $200 TV or a $10,000 TV.

yeah, the last line is quite true. I saw somebody posted a screenshot of their lockscreen with an ad. I've never seen that on my iPhone. But then with the new IOS, I've stopped all kinds of tracking and notifications.

Their most expensive tv also has ads. That’s such a poor excuse. They do it because they can and because literally every tv company does it consumers don’t have a choice except buying computer monitors or very expensive industrial grade displays.

> That’s such a poor excuse.

More specifically, it is misinformation.

I just spent $3k on a fancy TV and I was presented ads when I powered it on for the first time. I wanted to rage return the product but the sheer size makes it a hassle to take back to the store. I am beyond angry everytime I turn it on (which quickly dissipates when the video turns on and ads go away leaving me in awe of the image quality).

How was it able to get the ads from the internet when you powered it on for the first time?

Preloaded from the factory maybe?

Oh, OK. That didn't occur to me, as I thought to be timely ads would need to come from a server.

Are those cheap? Not being sarcastic. I honestly don't know if they're selling those at a loss. I bought my Sony Smart TV 4 years ago. I don't get any ads. It's got some apps like Youtube, Netflix, Stan etc. and that's it. No ads whatsoever.

Probably 4 years ago was when they made money just by collecting telemetry on TV usage. Also, 4 years ago was roughly when Windows 10 became widespread surpassing Windows 7, and forced many users to adapt to advertising in non-phone products, therefore manufacturers may have interpreted this as less resistance to ads.

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