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> They have no duty whatsoever to make their platform healthier,

You could say the same thing about any addictive substance. And yet I doubt people would argue that controlling substance abuse is a bad thing.

For better or worse Facebook has made a thing that through the sum of its parts is harmful to society. I doubt any specific line-level engineer or product planner ever intentionally decided to end up with this end product, but here we are.

> hearing people bemoan a completely-optional-to-your-life social media company for being too good at getting people to talk to one another.

The issue isn't that it's getting people to talk with one another, it's that it encourages negative engagement.

The same thing happens with news - people are enraptured with gossip and death and will watch that more than something less salacious. But FB has scale and targeting unmatched by any other service. Google probably had a "and there but for the grace of god go we" moment - their search results probably has/had similar problems but hasn't incurred as much outrage. If Google Plus actually succeeded maybe they'd be the ones in the hot seat today.

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