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You may have just borked your VM's. OMI installed because it is needed for certain feature integrations (most notably Log Analytics/Azure Monitor).

It's worth mentioning many of these features which deploy OMI do so in a way that does not set up a listening port. Therefore, the impact of the vulnerability is pretty low. Indeed, I just spun up a Ubuntu VM and while it got a vulnerable version of OMI, it doesn't have an open port.

The LA table VMBoundPort will let you assess if you've got one configured for listening on the OMI ports. I think a lot of the people in this thread, and possibly the people writing the articles aren't Azure SME's, hence all the panic and grumbling and eye rolling.

I get what you're saying, but... they're still un-borked and survived a reboot.

Also I don't care about the monitoring and analytics, so there's that

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