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I just started using Azure cause I occasionally need a remote Windows desktop, and it's insane how complicated it is. There's so much infrastructure it expects you to micromanage, so many moving parts. What's it all doing, how much does it cost? Not very clear.

I'm sure it's fine for someone who does IT work for a medium/large business, but for an independent user the UX just plain sucks compared to any number of VPS providers.

I don't know your use case, but if you need access to a Windows Desktop you can download some ready made VMs from Microsoft


I'm a complete dork in terms of cloud infrastructure and hosting, so I'm heavily drawn to providers with great UX/DX, documentation, simple interfaces, and predictable cost such as Linode, Cloudflare, railway.app, Vercel to name a few examples.

Whenever I have to work with Azure I get uneasy... (SAML...)

This is not great. In terms of ethical concerns I would rather use Azure than AWS for example.

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