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"In my humble opinion, the best websites and web applications have a tangible “real” quality to them. There are lots of factors involved to achieve this quality, but shadows are a critical ingredient."

Yet his own site style is totally flat?

It’s not totally flat. Flat where appropriate. Documents should be flat. Shadows are for things that appear on top of other things. There’s a message on the left that says, “Hi there! Can I share a cool thing I’m working on with you?” This has a shadow, because it appears on top of the document.

The "Posts" nav item has a dropdown that overlays the document and is still completely flat.

There is a drop shadow on the posts nav item: https://i.imgur.com/dY408DK.png

The dropdown has a shadow for me with Chrome (and also a sound effect).

"The shoemaker's children always go barefoot" as they say.

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