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It's a shame because its pricing structure works like how many people misunderstand taxes to work. If you earn $39,990/year and then get a $30/year raise, then you'll actually be set back to $39,960/year after you pay the new price for this service. You might have to awkwardly explain to your boss that you don't want that $0.015/hour raise. If instead the service worked like taxes by charging a percent of the money you make over $40k (and then limiting the value up to $5), then the price trap issue would be solved.

(This suggestion is a joke, I just have the issues of welfare traps and popular misunderstandings of taxes on my mind.)

From the pricing page:

it obviously isn't perfect — there are people making more than $40,000/year for whom $5/month is an undue burden, and there are people making less than $40,000/year who can easily afford $5/month. but it's not like i'm checking, it's basically pay-what-you-want with $40,000 as a suggested cutoff for paying.

This is very reasonable. I wish all small software shops acted like this. Reminds me of REAPER program which also has a reasonable pricing model like this giving you unlimited time to try and buy it once it's useful to you.

If there was an option to pay or not pay, most people would probably opt to not pay, and you as a software developer or shop probably want to pay bills, so wishing that all shops acted like this is not logical to me at all.

What you're missing is convenience is a very valuable feature. This is exactly why I decided to give my $60 to the aforementioned program.

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