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is it just me, or is tweeting into the void kinda sad?

It’s certainly healthier I’d bet.

I dunno, would need data on that. I would think tweeting into the void is more symptomatic.

> ...is tweeting into the void kinda sad?

No, I think it's brilliant. I think we'd see more interesting writing on the internet if it didn't always start with the goal of acquiring and maintaining an audience.

Really? I don't know many authors who are motivated to write interesting content and then hide it / have zero idea if anyone is reading it.

It's not hidden. It's just not connected to an internet-style social network. Interest can still spread through word-of-mouth, even if the platform doesn't provide any tools for audience measurement and management. It's akin to a 'zine from the pre-internet days, except it doesn't cost as much money to distribute.

EDIT: A 'zine isn't a perfect analogy, since someone who published it would know how many they printed. A freely copyable newsletter would probably be a stronger analog.

How do new accounts start on twitter then?

True, and also feels to me kinda egocentric to genuinely not care of any feedback or interaction with the reader, but I know a lot of people like that, so it probably is just us...

Tweeting is just (micro)blogging. Does every blog without a comments section seem sad to you? That's silly.

As long as it’s public, someone is going to link it and the community explains how it actually happened and how complete moron of you are, so you’ve got covered.

If you’re doing sudo cat | sed -e s/¥n/¥n#¥ / >> /etc/resolv.conf, that’s sad indeed

I feel the same.

To me this is similar to journaling.

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