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Ask HN: What are good Jira-like tools for life use?
2 points by electricant 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
I'm looking for recommendations on jira-like tools for personal/life use. I really like the idea of organizing my daily/long-term tasks in an "issue" fashion and possibly create "epics" and the like.

It may also be useful to dump random thoughts on an issue for later expansion and review. Like I'm starting a side project or learning a new language or whatever and so I'd dump stuff on the relevant issue/epic.

Bonus points for self-hosted.

EDIT: also useful to track hobbies and repair stuff. I'm into woodworking, electronics and mechanical repairs so having every task organized may free some brain cycles to do better work.

Someone I know runs their entire life on Trello. It's their digital brain, organised into a fleet of boards. Some of them serve as archives of various documentation and snippets of valuable info. Others are for tracking active projects, current engagements, etc.

Trello is flexible and simple enough to work well in a number of different capacities, so it's a great multitool for some. Especially if you're naturally geared towards organising your life in this methodical kind of way.

ClickUp is my favorite issue tracker by far. It's better for your purposes and has excellent mobile apps, to-do/agenda views, notes, tags, and organization options.

Why not use Jira? You can self host too ;)

It's a one time payment of $10 for the self hosted version.

Yeah I'm considering this option but I feel like it may be too complicated for single-person use

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