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This looks like exactly what I've been looking for. PHPStorm did linting exactly like a lot of these and often made my life a lot easier, but since leaving the job where I used it, I've come to miss those little hints when not using a Jetbrains IDE (I use VSCode at home).

I've used VSCode with SonarLint for a very long time: https://github.com/SonarSource/sonarlint-vscode . It also works with Java and maybe other languages.

I can recommend that extension. Hooking it up to our SonarQube instance makes it easy to propagate rule changes/additions. That then catches violations earlier, rather than SonarQube failing a CI build. We closed our feedback loop by several minutes using that and preventing commits/pushes with diffs containing test failures, min coverage violations and static analysis errors.

Yeah, I was just playing around with it. it looks like despite SonarQube having rules for Go, the plugin doesn't support all of the languages they have support for. That's a shame

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